Saturday, October 9, 2010

belek punya belek, banyak rupanya...

2-3 menjak ni memang ada sedikit kelapangan henc the ability to chck out the pre-school education method available around the world. Tuharih ada input sket pasal REGGIO AMELIA approach kan? This time, nak kongsi pulak degan momsies about the WALDORF approach ** aka Steiner or Steiner-Waldorf education**

pendekatan ni was established by an Austrian -Rudolph Steiner and details about the methods can be read by clicking the following links below:

Waldorf Education
Waldorf Curriculum
Waldorf In The Home

I was kinda looking for kindergartens practicing this approach and came across with Tadika Nania, Pusat Penjagaan Kelip Kelip **in Kota Kemuning** and Taska Lin. Not much was said about this method in Malaysia though..and wet I browsed through websites from Spore, I found this website which I found quite helpful ** well at least they have an association, kan?**

But hey, let's read up and see what advantages can we find in the method and most importantly , how can it assist our children in their preschool education..This is something worth doing by all, kan doncha think?

Friday, October 8, 2010


Si kudut saya ni dah 3 time flies, kan?

A few hours old on the day he was born 01Sept 2007

Rasa mcm baru semalam je baru balik dr spital...lepak sama2 kat tilam queen size tgk TV doplohpat jam..Tole sorang nih kena eczema since he was 2 weeks old, and as I wasn't mentally, physically and educationally equipped with infos on how to tackle and manage eczema, he was weened on BF since he was 2 mths old **kesian dia kan?**

started him with soy-based formula, and alhamdulillah it helped with lessening of the inflammation on both of his cheeks and pelipat tangan, kaki etc..

 This was in Puteri Specialist Hospital while he was admitted for HFMD 
**kesian muka rabak pasal eczema **

Nak nangis sgt rasa hati masa DR nak masukkan IV kat tangan dia

very cheeky and very daring..

setakat ni dia sorang je yang berani tenung balik Inche' SO walau dah kena rotan sekalipun **alah bukan kuat pun, cukup sekadar utk dia rasa betapa "powerful"nya penangan rotan dr Abah dia**..very courageous and berani tak bertempat, at times..

but he has a soft spot for me..marah macam mana sekalipun, garang macam mak tiri sekalipun , merajuk buruk mak dia ni pun...he still wants to be with me, kisses me goodbye whenever I dropped him off at school and before going to bed...

One thing yang besh sgt about him, he never wakes up angry or sad for that matter..Bila kejut bgn tidor je, mesti senyum and greets me with his cheeky smile and his morning wishes..

Anak yang bijak and insha-allah DIA permudahkan segala urusan anak kesayangan hambanNya ini..

hmm, delish! **yes I was referring to my son!**

Nak celebrate on the day itself, we were in KL for a course that I need to I decided that we'll celebrate it at home dgn Inche SO sekali..

tangguh punya tangguh, last2 buat majlis sekali masa BBQ kat rumah sempena Hari Raya..Yang lebih dijemput famili Inche SO koz he's determine to move back to KL in 2011 ** so kira last year lah kami nak jemput sedara mara dr seberang tambak mai rumah, katanya ** and a few friends form Maersk ** actually jemput ramai jugak, tapi alhamdulillah..DIA MAHA MENGETAHUI..kamalu semua yang dijemput tu dtg, mau berkejar kena tepon Pizza Hut/ McD/Domino as the foods were just nice for the guests..ha ha ha**

anyway, tempah kek dr seorang online baker yang sudi melayan this one fussy Mommy..walau agak keciwa koz the cake was suppose to be with Thomas the Train,but becaise of last miute order..hamek je lah BEN10, order was for CHOC MOIST CAKE BEN10 edible image yang sungguh besh!Worth every cent..Alhamdulillah..and terima kasih byk2 sgt kat Sis Fadzilah from Tmn Pelangi, JB for a job perfectly executed!Kudos....** you can check her work here--> Sis Fadzilah Superb!** Yang bestnya siap dpt candle "3" free lagi..ha ha ha..rasa best sgt, sebab saya dlm kesibukan semua leh terlupa nak belik lilin ek anak...boleh?

** drooollllsssss **

Tgk gambar je dah terliur, belum makan lagi..sedap! 

Nampak comel je pipi birthday boy kembung nak tiup lilin,kan? Ni with Cuzzies from Inche SO's side of the family

Anyway, tq friends and family members who managed to come for the event and Insha-Allah, ada rezeki, umur panjang and masa terluang kita makan2 lagi kay?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reggio Amelia: Introduction Course

firstly, again...thousand apologies for not updating my blog **kemalasan tahap dewa melanda ah, takleh nak toong dah nih**

update ni bukan apa, saa nak mengaak kengkawan out there especially momsies out there who are looking for education method to be introduced to your children kan, nak kasitau PPBM **Persatuan Pengasuh Berdaftar Malaysia** will be organizing an introductory course on Reggio Amelia method here in Malaysia..

Apa itu Reggio Amelia method?

Most of us Malaysians might have heard of Montessori method, kan? This is actually a method that was also founded in Italy but after the WWII, in short. So basically some of the trainers etc might feel that it might be more relevant to our current educational and children upbringing situation now. But for me, I rather that we all go and find out what is this method all about before casting judgements, eh?

I called the PPBM office for another non-related issue actually, but this humble, and most friendly staff by the name of Puan Rahimah has highlighted about this course to me and had een nice enough to send me an e-brouchure on the said course as well **tq Puan, although I might not be attending this but I will definitely see you soon..Insha-allah **

anyway, for momsies out there who are keen to join, refer below kay?


 Organized by

Dates :
13, 14 & 15 November 2010

Vistana Hotel KL
No 9 Jalan Lumut, Off Jalan Ipoh,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,

Overview of the Workshop:
This Seminar is designed to introduce participants to the philosophy and theories behind the Reggio Emilia Approach and how it can be adapted in their setting.
Why Reggio Emilia approach? Newsweek (Hinckle, 1991) hailed the Reggio Emilia approach as one of the best educational programs in the world.  As a result of this, many early childhood educators are trying to implement the approach in their own classrooms.  If early childhood educators are to adapt and use this highly regarded educational approach, classroom teachers, and pre-service teachers must be taught to understand and develop strategies for adapting the approach into their setting.

Trainer’s profile
Dr. Nkechy Ezeh is a tenured Associate Professor of Education and Director of Early Childhood Education Program at Aquinas College. She has taught at various levels of early childhood classrooms, serves as Adult and Parent Educator and Early Childhood Education Consultant. For the past 12 years, Dr. Ezeh has conducted many professional development courses for teachers and parents and is often a guest speaker at school in-services, education conferences. She conducts professional development trainings and workshops throughout the United States of America, Asia and Australia.
She completed M.Ed at Grand Valley State University, and Ed.D in Child and Youth Studies with specialization in Curriculum Development and Systemic Change from Nova Southeastern University.
Dr. Ezeh was one of the US delegates to Reggio Emilia, Italy and a panelist on the Oxford University Early Literacy Round Table. Her main research interests are integrating the Principle of Reggio Emilia in Early Childhood program – the focus of her doctoral dissertation.  Other research interest includes curriculum development, teacher’s professional development, culture & literacy development and brain development.

Seminar Methodology :

This Seminar will include group discussion, audiovisual presentations, observations and deconstruction of the Reggio Emilia principles and reflection.  Throughout the seminar, participants are not viewed as targets of instruction; they instead assume active role in constructing their knowledge

Who Should Attend

  • Early Childhood Educators, Parents,Trainers
  • Other professionals who are dealing with early childhood

Program at a Glance

1. Day 1
  • What is Reggio Emilia Approach?
  • Thereoretical & Historical perspective
  • Deconstructing of the central operating principles of the Reggio Emilia approach: Image of the child, Teachers as partners, Role of Parents, Role of the Environment
2. Day 2
Central operating principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach continued: Documentation, Emergent Learning Process, Symbolic Representation, The three subjects of education, time, Education based on collaboration & Interaction.
  • Four key factors to the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education
  • What does a Reggio inspired classroom look like?
  • A look at participants classroom – Bring several pictures of different areas of your classroom.
3.  Day 3
  • How can we begin to adapt the Reggio Emilia approach – Where do you start?
  • Challenges/Road block in light of theoretical perspective
  • Strategies to overcome road blocks and challenges
  • Reflections and development individual action plan for implementation.

  • Seminar’s Fees

Rate per Participant (Early Bird)
Local Delegate: RM420.00
International Delegate: USD180
(Received by 15 October 2010)
Normal Rate:
Local Delegate: RM480.00
International Delegate: USD280
(Received after 15 October 2010)
PPBM’s member RM420.00 (*Fee includes workshop materials, certification and tea breaks).

Certificate of Attendance will be issued

Applications received after seats are filled will be returned with regrets.
Please send your completed registration form and cheque/bank draft
Payment to: PPBM
Receipt will be issued once payment is confirmed.
The workshop organizer disclaim any responsibilities should any
Changes in regards to the workshop occur for any reason.

For further enquiries, please contact:
Ms. Rahimah Ithnin
Tel. No. : +603 78801367 or +603 77809327 Fax +603 78802941

For momsies who wants to read up first before making your decision, you can always refer to these websites:

and there's so much more articles/ websites dedicated to the approach..Let's read it out..No harm done what? Lagipun bukan untuk orang lain...Untuk anak2 kita sendiri..