Wednesday, March 31, 2010

:: he knows how to spell ::

I am just so proud of my sons,really..who wouldn't right?

anyway,during the last school holidays he got glued to the Playhouse Disney channel on ASTRO C.613 and was constantly watching episodes of WORD WORLD..interesting enough, it had taught him how to spell and the graphics of the show was eye-catching and fascinating ...

as a mother myself, I believe that he had manage to pick up spelling easily as the words are being spelled and "shown" or drawn to reflect the actually item..

e.g: sheep--> you'll see a white fleeced sheep made out of the letters forming the word itself

so mothers, if you have some spare time to spend with your children, try to tune in to Playhouse Disney and try to watch Word World and I hope that the program will assist your children as how it has helped mine..:D


I think it was barely 2 days ago that I read Myza's blog about her precious daughter having chicken pox, and lo and behold, tadi dpt confirmation dr my family GP yang Baby Irfan kena measles-like disease...**syukur alhamdulilllah**

bukan apa, bersyukur banyak2 sebab takut sgt si kecik ni kena HFMD macam abang Haddyff dia dulu..

dahlah menyakitkan hati kalau nak di ingatkan insiden tu..

nevertheless, sejak malam semalam Baby Irfan dah tak demam panas and no fever spikes masa subuh-subuh..but then I sorta realized that his body has reddish spots all over..I panicked, in a way...

suddenly my mind started to rewind to almost 18mths ago, when Haddyff was down with almost the same symptoms...nausea, vomitting, loss of appetite and high fever during night I bundle him up and sent him to this panel clinic in BBU...this MoFo SOB DR diagnosed my son as having a reaction to an antibiotic we had from this skin clinic in Spore, and in return he gave is antibiotic..and that night, Haddyff was having such high fever that he starting shaking and trembling, HARD....

I called up Inche' S.O **pekerja berdedikasi, he was working that night** and asked him to meet me up at Puteri Specialist..after almost 1hr to lower down Haddyff temperature etc, he was admitted to the ward and he was confirmed to suffer from HFMD the very next day ad had to spend like 7 days in the isolation ward, with Mommy dearest.....

anyway, episod dgn Baby Irfan made me scared...I was so afraid that he is suffering from the same thing...tapi alhamdulillah, it's just measles...;D **yeay!!** and nothing like ubat gatal and calamine lotion to make sure that my darling doesn't scratch himself...

:: pharyngitis ::

I think its inevitable when you send your children to kindergarten/nursery that they will get infected with whatever -itis (inflammation) /fever /cough from the other children..

to think that I once thought that my boys would be immune to everything and to be proven wrong, was a heavy burden for me to swallow it in..

- constant coughing/ flu etc
- cut /bruises from co-called "child's play" with the other children

anyway, we've had experiences with almost everything that you have everthought of , nevertheless when Haddy Irfan was down with high fever almost every night for the past 3 nights, left me scared shitless...

Irfan was okay during the day time but when it's after Maghrib, it's a different issue...

I scarcely had the much needed shut eye, but being a Mom, I guess sleep is always a luxury you can't afford **together with personal time, gossip & chit-chatting over hi tea etc..ha ha ha, owh yes, and that LV monogram bag that I've been eyeing on for ages....**

his fever would spiked just nicely after midnight and he would scream his lungs out when I gave him his ice cold bath..this is very important to ensure that his fever does not exceed the reasonable temperature, so that his nervous system will not be compromised form the fever itself..

alhamdulillah, after 3 sleepless nights,he has shown signs of recuperation but he is still at home,resting..I prefer it that way..

anyway, our family doctor confirmed that he is suffering from pharyngitis and should be okay within a couple of days, Insha-ALLAH..

in the meantime, Mommy here has to endure the sleepless night with watching DVDs...yeay?
**hi hi hi hi hi**

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

:: oh no, adakah saya sudah TUA???? ::

the incident happened on the day I brought baby Irfan to our family GP in BBU..

as usual, the clinic was flocked with people and we had to wait for our turn, although it wasn't for long..

already there was a teacher and 2 students from a nearby school and on one of the student I could some blotchiness on her skin as well as some sort of inflammatory turns out that that girl was bitten by a bee in school..not only that, she was having an alergic reaction and was slowly going into anaphylactic shock..

anywaaayyyyy....while waiting for the friend to be treated, the other girl was playing with baby Irfan**he has this effect on people...I think, all babies do.It must've been their big, innocent eyes and chubby cheeks, I reckon:P** I have no qualms in people being nice to my babies **whichever it might be** and was happily reading the magazine to past time before our turn to see the DR..


"Auntie, anak Auntie ni sowang je ye?"


**alamak, gua sudah masuk alam makcik-makcik ke skang???huwaaaaa!!!!**

" takdelah, anak AUNTIE ada 3"
**i heard something break..must've been my pride**

just because of that, I quickly did a simple math calculations and darn, I am gonna be 30 this year...

ha ha ha ha ha...dah tua rupanya..

:: saturday - walking down memory lane ::

the weekend came and gone..

nothing much happened..

but of course, I was happy to get to see some familiar faces at my uncle's wedding..This family is from the Md Som's side of the family ( my lated grandmama's side)..I am embarassed to state that I don't really know much about that side of the family..why, you ask?mostly it's because my late grandmama passed away when I was still young..I was 8 or 9 the most at that time..It's not an excuse, but I guessed it played a part somehow rather..nevertheless, I am blessed to known those who are dear to my heart,especially the groom's family whose house is a "wajib" house to go to during the festive season..

the uncle who got married is the last son of the family and I guess, his wedding was a reunion of some sort, especially for those who stayed out of radar and those who are residing out of Johor..

I was estatic to see my cousins **Ayu, Abg Man and his fiance**, my family **sans Kakak, she's flooded with her work, as usual**, my Auntie **Auntie Ned** and lotsa other relatives whom I only know by salutations **my Dad's cousins /uncles/aunties etc**...

and you know what, I saw someone that I haven't seen in almost 25 years..
who is he?
jeng jeng jeng....
he used to assist my Dad in Kem Lok Kawi by sending me to and from school **some sort of an unofficial driver :P**..and no, as we only had one available car at that period of time,he didn't sent me using a car but I had the priviledge of riding his Vespa on a daily basis...:D
**kewl huh?**

the only bad point about seeing him is that, I realized how he had stayed the same over the years, while I had mushroomed into one helluva big sponge cake..:P

anyway, the trip back to Pontian was bittersweet..
I used to hated it there..
I had fun when we were staying somewhere else and not "trapped" there per se..
You may say that I am those type that had been used to the hustle and ustle of the big city and had my own episode of "culture shock" when Mr Dad & Mrs Mom decided to put me and Kakak in SDPB...not that I had not enjoyed my stay there, but the earlier transition period was tough on me, personally....
Drove pass the old school and I realised how uch it has changed but the sense of belonging and pride of being an alumni to that school is beyond words..

I wished I would live long enough to show my boys the places where I used to go when I was studying there as how Mr Dad & Mrs Mom showed us their "spots" all around the town..It would be nostalgic and I now that it would definitely annoy the hell outta my boys..ha ha ha ha ha.....:D

anyway, never imagined that the trip back and forth Spore-JB-Pontian-JB-Spore wa gonna be so tiring, hence the happiness when I gotta know that Inche S.O. had taken time off from work to look after the boys..
**tq darling**

Friday, March 26, 2010

:: one day in the car ::

it was raining yesterday..let me correct that, it has been raining every afternoon here in JB..most of the time nowadays I had to re-plan my entire day to ensure that I don't drive in the rain..I do not hate it, I do not loathe it..just because, you see...anyway, after sending my significant other to the Iskandar KIK, I made my way back and was using the Lingkaran Dalam road and as usual, was stuck in the traffic for quite some time...normally when this happens, my eyes will wander into the adjacent cars..nosey, you say?not necessarily..for me, it's just a simple inquisitiveness, natural for a normal homo sapiens such as moi .in front of me, one black Waja must've been involved in an accident **note:back bumper was tighten using tali rafia..creative!** at the back, a snobbish new Merz E Class driver who thinks that just becuase he owns a new, elegant car that he owns the world **not in my lifetime, darling!**..
then, i couldn't help myself from observing the car on my right..Inside was 3 young men-->one driver with a chinese guy sitting next to him with the malay ones sitting at the first I thought that they were those very expressive people **hint hint :like ME!** hands were waved all over and their facial expressions were first class..I was amused and inavertedly, I was staring..I couldn't help myself..I was staring hard as then I realised that they were "signing" with each other..OMG, I felt so bad..the boys were deaf and dumb...I tried harder not to stare but then I realised that the Malay boy was trying to get my attention..staring at me, as if wanted to say something..I wind down my window and smiled at him..He did the same thing and just before the light turned green..he gestured that he like my car, big...and something in me cried...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

:: A new post signals a new ME ::

There's an impulse in me...Something wanting to be free..Something wanting to be out there, somewhere..But seriously, I am not quite sure if I am ever up to it,or otherwise..As I am nearing the big three-owh, I am determined of not going back to how I used to be and to always look forward, do things for the better..Upgrading myself, giving the skills and experience to my boys especially in those fields where I was not given the opportunity when I was younger..Insha-ALLAH, I will be able to provide them if not the same, better than my hard-working parents did for the three of us **Hasny's angel** when we were growing up...