Monday, October 31, 2011

rindunya dekat Kak Nam....

Alhamdulillah , selamat adik bongsu saya dah selamat berlepas ke Moscow via Dubai **naik Emirates tuh:) dulu saya dpt naik Uzbek Air je ...he he he he..moga seronok on-board**

tiba2 semalam saya terus terbayang waktu dia di bawak balik rumah selepas dilahirkan..betapa kecik and fragile-nya dia ...mcm mana kami suka usik dia dgn panggilan Kak Nam sebab dulu dia mengira mesti skip no. 6..** tiga, empat, lima, tujuh** dan mcm mana saya bersedih bila dia makin membesar, ada bf, putus cinta..saya sedar sekarang bahawa saya tak dpt nak memastikan bahawa hidup dia akan indah sentiasa namun saya cuma mampu doakan yang terbaik buat adik saya yang seorang nih...

Girl, chai-yok!
**I know you are far stronger than I was, you're smarter/more determined - I know you can achieve anything in this life of yours .Just one reminder though - Have fun : but not too much kay?**

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nando's Delivery? You were such a letdown:(

sudah berazam..

lain kali kalau ada plan nak makan2 di opis, takmo lagi order Nando's!

manakan tidak - ordernya jam 11.00 pg sampainya jam 12.45tghr..saya cuma punya masa dlm 10 minit nak habiskan makanan..last2, sy makan di workstation - yg mana ianya sungguh tak ternteram..:(

baru nak menyuap sesudu- ada call-in...letak balik sudu...

jadinya YES-NO MORE NANDO's delivery................

Friday, October 28, 2011

tukar skin?kemalasan melanda:P

ada niat & nafsu nak tukar blogskin - tapi terasa mcm malas je updated semula nanti..ha ha most probably if you were to see my layout has changed, it means that I am in a RAJIN mode..he he he he....

My sis is now officially an MD student..

It's sooooo surreal !

My not-so baby sister will finally  by flying off to Moscow this coming Sunday **sob!sob!sob!**

My hope is that she'll appreciate the opportunity not to only study medicine & studying overseas, but also to be able to soak in the good culture of Mother Russia and its climate + scenery + food **nyum nyum nyum**

**now I am being melodramatic - soooo me!**

Thursday, October 27, 2011

mana nak cari baju cantik2 online/offline ?:)

he he he..
dah mula berangan dah ..
ramai sahabat yang bakal melangsungkan pernikahan tak lamai lagi ni..
masing2 dah mula hantar kad walimatulurus..
dah saya sebagai yang dijemput pun tgh sebuk nak membeli baju ni..
dahlah kebanyakan majlis melibatkan para sahabat sama clique..
so kalau pegi wedding A pakai baju A, mesti nampak..and kalau pergi wedding B pun pakai baju A, malluuuuuu..hi hi hi hi hi...
so skang nih tgh cari baju -tak kiralah online ke, off line ke...asal dpt saiz, mak tak fussy nak! **yang fussy tang nak byr je tu:P**

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I know this sounds soooo cheesy,but yeah-I am testing out posting in this blog via apps on my iPhone.. ppssssttt, Umi Yan apa lagi? rembat ah satu iPhone ^*u know u want one,kan kan kan?*^

The Social Network...FB

nah, it's not really entirely about the movie @ the network itself  ** I find that the movie is a bit tad slow for me, but I did watched it halfway as I wanted to see the acting of the boy from Juno - Michael Cera, sekali tgk it's not him - ha ha ha ha, yes, sad case me. Mr Zuckerberg was actuallly "played" by Jessie Eisenberg**

Juno Poster  The Social Network Poster
don't they look awfully alike from a certain angle - especially the hair do kan kan kan kan?

Anyway, kalau ada yang ter'perasan - lagu opening movie ni sebenarnya adalah sebuah lagu kisah sedih seroang mamat yang mengdambakan seorang gadis --->nyanyian Radiohead /Creep tapi dinyanyikan semula oleh grup koir di bawah ini..Lagu ni as it is memang sudah mampu meruntun jiwa insan2 yg terlibat dlm pengembaraan cinta **chhheeewwwaaa** tapi bila dgr version koir ni, peeerrrghhh...tangkap leleh suit...muka masing2 kudus je nyanyi lagu ni hatta walau lagu ni ada "f***ing" word - sungguh inosen!

the choir's name? Sila klik SINI .. Scala Kolacny yang pada saya sunggguh aaawwwweeeetthhhommmeeee..

diorg suka "goreng" lagu2 alternative rock mcm Nirvana, Radiohead dan yang seangkatan dengannya dan jadikan lagu2 itu sebagai lagu syahdu-syahdan..

p/s: saya paling seriau dgr Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana versi in Youtube!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

nyum nyum nyum....**drooling**

I had dreamt of this luscious + mouth watering crab salad these past few days and tonight I am having it all to myself!

very simple and yet a fulfilling dish - mayonaise , arrrggghhhhhh...fat fat fat but the tip is for a more delish salad, u would need to buy the one with more fat!:)

In Russia, mayonnaise + yugort is a HUGE thing hence why the taste is sooooo much better there than here..pls ok, jgn mula nak ckp - hujan emas di negeri orang yadda yadda yadda okay...the eating culture is different hence why they pay more attention to the taste there.. Mayo kat Msia? None is my favorite up to date..:(

Anyone wanna try it out?

Russian Style Crab Salad Recipe – Крабовый Салат

Ingredients:1 ½  pounds imitation crab meat (chopped – using a knife or food processor)
6 or 7 hard boiled eggs (diced)
1 small onion (finely diced)
1 cup real mayonnaise
1 teaspoon cream-style horseradish sauce
1 (15 oz) can corn (well-drained)
How to make Crab Salad:In a large bowl, combine chopped Crab, corn, eggs, onion, mayo  Mix well.
Add more mayo and put in some salt + black paper to taste.

Monday, October 24, 2011

sessi mencari rumah ....

yup yup yup...
topik basi saya abad ini - nak cari rumah, nak cari rumah ....nak cari rumah , nak cari rumah...

semalam lepas Sport's Day K4T Haddyff, saya & Inche' SO telah pun merata2 menjelajah ke Cheras & have decided to drop in an establishment called VENICE HILLS, it's located in Batu 9....memang sungguh menyeramkan tau?

actually the area itself is with a nice ambiance **it used to be a golf resort before the management & developer went kaput**'s on a hill top, overlooking the cheras area but it was a nice view but for

a) the building itself - it's a horror story okay ? the building wasn't properly maintained - no new paint and the multi-storey carpark looks like the one in a thriller/slasher movie..eerrriiiiieeeeee!!

b) too many african people there - I am not racist but I feel intimidated by their numbers and their physical sizes, on top of that I am with the boys only most of the time hence I don't think that this place spells out  the word SECURED to me that much..

but yeah, to tell you frankly- the set up of the penthouse (or sould I say a condo duplex) was breathtaking ...the fully done kitchen cabinet (the oven. the hood, the stoves, the island etc) - the toilet (fully tiled with cabinets tastefully done & beautifully decorated shower rooms - the living area (below & on the upper level) the cornices & plasters and most of all - because we were on the top floor - the view was amazing! but then thinking of security (or mebbe, the lack of it) makes me changed my mind....

then we decided to have a quick drive up to Rawang - tell you one thing, that will be my first & LAST time driving hu hu hu..houses there are cheap but the designs were not that impressive and the distance is my main hindrance:(

so yeah, mebbe it's just written in the stars that we might be staying in Mont Kiara afterall...:P

p/s: not losing all hopes yet - planning to go down to Nilai mebbe in Dec to check the houses there...

kadang-kadang bila bosan, saya tgk ni and brush up on my Russian Language pronounciation..:P

Sunday, October 23, 2011

something to ponder about today....

Neil Patrick Harris Awesomeness Motivational Poster

I love his attitude in Barney - some might say he's full of himself, but to me- boy, has he got confident!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

salah ke bila kita sentiasa berfikiran positif?

saya akui kerja dan tanggungjawab saya sekarang ni tak lah seberat mana pun..

tapi saya paling menyampah bila orang melabel pekerjaan saya sekarang ini..

ermm hullo....saya menyusahkan orang lain ke..setahu saya, TIDAK!

my attitude towards my work is that I don't let the WORK define me, I define my work!

I like my life so far and it fits my schedule perfectly, so if you think that I am an underachiever and that I am LAZY **as you mentioned**, so be it..kenapa perlu susahkan diri, peningkan kepala sibukkan pasal hal orang lain?

Saya juga punya banyak peranan dlm hidup ni, tapi saya tak rasa yang saya perlu war2kan pada satu dunia bahawa saya sibuk, tak cukup masa begitu begini..sebab?

kalau pada saya, saya merasakan pekerjaan saya sudah menjadi satu bebanan & bukan lagi satu keseronokan -->SAYA BERHENTI!

Pls okay, saya tak mengganggu gugat hidup anda - so pls do butt out from my life!

so- okay dah..sesi meluahkan emosi terpendam habis!

Friday, October 21, 2011

amal jariah buat seorang kawan...

I have a new friend..

and this new friend is moving out from her current accomodation to stay with her new in-laws..

and she has tonnes of things that she thinks she might not need..clothes, bags and stuffs...

and me, being a friend has offered to self off her pre-loved items online soon ...

so, sila kumpulkan duit gaji anda dan sila berbelanja di online pre-loved shoppe saya nanti ye?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha**gelak orang kaya!**

Thursday, October 20, 2011


buat sahabat yang sudah punya WhatApps, he he he he he..dengan bangganya saya mahu mewar2kan bahawa saya juga sudah d/load WhatApps ye..

kalau mahu berjimba2 sambil SMS free, kindly PM me via FB - I shall not disclose my hp no online ..EVER!:)

** yes I am easily amazed by technogadgetthingamajig**

Bedtime Story session...

Inche' SO komplen kata saya nampaknya masih belum dapat mempengaruhi anak3 dengan kegilaan membaca buku saya secara TOTAL...

yes, I love reading..

at times, I cheat at doing chores just to have a quite 30 mins to grab anything with texts and sit down to read..but alas, like what Inche' SO mentioned - I have yet to share that interest with my boys..

so starting yesterday - I have started another routine with the boys - bedtime stories!

tak lama pun - about 15 mins every day before bedtime..

I try to make it as interesting as possible with my intonations & facial expressions et all **namapun drama queen with a capital Q, kan?** and alhamdulillah, their response was soooo touching!

Irfan was literally crying when I finished the book **sebenarnya trick taknak zzzz**, Haddyff gave me a standing ovation & Harryth? He just can't wait for tonight's bedtime story session..:)

now in my daily groceries lists' are story books and to keep 'em under budget, I plan to buy all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series first before moving on to more expensive books **yup, the Mom is a cheapskate - I can;t help it!**

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

jeles sangat sangat sangat.....


ramai sangat rupanya kwn2 yang ke teater The Secret Life Of Nora by Tiara Jacquelina..

hu hu hu..lama sangat tak tgk teater tapi takperlah, mungkin bukan rezeki kali ni..

Inche' SO tak berkesempatan nak "menarik nafas" dr kerja dan saya sendiri masih tak sampai hati nak berjimba-hora-horey tanpa anak3 di sisi..he he he, bukan seorang dua sahabat yang mengajak keluar bersama2, cumanya mungkin sekarang ni saya agak keberatan sedikit nak pergi tanpa buah3 hati ..:)

Okaylah Tiara, I will be there for your next project-InshaAllah!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

:: am loving this post! ::

saya rasa perasaan yang terbuku di hati terhadap seseorang insan ni telah diluahkan dengan berjaya DI SINI..

walaupun pada hakikatnya insan ini tidak pernah menjerit/bertempik/berkasar perbuatan dengan saya **BERkasar bahasa OK, bukan TER kasar bahasa sebab insan tu buat dengan sengaja dan berniat!** tp seriously saya rasa ada yang tidak kena dgn diri insan ni..

mcm ni jelah, buat apa yang dirasakan patut..cuma satu nasihat saya...kalau mahu rasa dihargai dan dihormati, hargai org dan hormati org lain dahulu..itu sahaja..

okaylah, saya tak mahu buang masa, tenaga dan emosi pd isu ni..

have a nice life..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pelaburan terbaru..

there is no ugly women, just lazy ones...

**pang.......rasa mcm kena lempang kejap bila baca ayat tu**

saya memang pat nak menjaga muka agak "kureng" sket..ha ha ha, nak kata lawa sangat tak lah..tapi saya yakin saya tidaklah sehodoh mana **ha ha ha, ayat mengampu diri sendiri**

i do considered my self blessed as although i have pimples and uneven tone, tidaklah sampai ketara sangat pun ..

tapi semalam saya nekad, selepas tgk sis Diana Ishak glowing bila menggunakan Olay Regenerists- I know I had to try it out!

so semalam pegi Guardian near Seri Hartamas **otw back home pun** so terus meminta bantuan cik mek molek kat situ dgn barangan Regenerists - for someone who does not spend on facial care etc, I was stumped..mak oiiii, boleh tahan jugak harga dia..but then bila pakai, memang puas hati..

namapun lama dah tak berfacial bagai - semalam masa pakai cream cleanser dia pun sudah terpegun...**nampak sangat muka berkerak, lama nah tak menjaga muka kan..asek tepek mekap doplohpat jam..huisy !** and the serum/ night & day cream dia sungguh lah luxurios okay..tgk pd testi orang yang dah pakai, ramai yang komen kata the creams are all a bit to "rich" but for me, I LOVE IT!

so malam tadi dah bermula regim penjagaan muka - i must make sure that this time i use it all up..and to top it off i bought the KINOHIMITSU bust-up and Collagen drink..ha ha ha..some GRO living around there swears by it, so why not give it a try kan?

wah, bersemangat kali ni..bukan apa, dah lama tak memanjakan diri dengan barangan kecantikan, chai-yok Zaza!:)

Monday, October 10, 2011

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4

iPHONE 4S? nah I still love mine!

"merampok" gambar kidnap-session Umi Yan

Umi Yan skang sudah boleh digelar Cik Puan Fotografi berkaliber....

mana2 dia pergi mesti dgn Cik Kamera Hitam yang begitu sleek itu...**ye, hint hint - ada nada2 jeles ye disitu**

tak padan comel je badannya, kamera tu diusung ke sana ke mari..hasilnya?

jeng jeng jeng.... (pics courtesy of Umi Yan's blog)

Ye, saya kelihatan begitu pelahap. Itu adalah ilusi optik Cik Kamera Hitam Umi Yan okay? Yes, sebelah tu En Harryth, anak Mommy - kalau pat makan sentiasa "ke depan" dulu..:)

Oh, Encik Harryth needs a haircut badly!

En Haddyff yang tengah obses dengan "racing cars"

muka budak comel, En Haddy-Irfan yang keletihan..He was sleeping all the way through hence he missed out the playing session at the play-land

Sunday, October 9, 2011

heart-to-heart discussion

byk juga yg berlaku sejak kali terakhir kami **saya & Umi Yan** jumpa..

we have decided to "cut off" some strings with a few people..kenapa?

panjang ceritanya but to keep it short, kami rimas dgn attitude a few of these so called friends..saya akui sy tak byk menerima tempias dr perbuatan mereka ni, tapi ada juga yang rasa terasa dengan tindak tanduk mereka..bukan nak kata tak pernah terkena, tapi mungkin tak sehebat macam mana dugaan "persahabatan" yang diterima oleh Umi Yan ..saya penah rasa terluka perasaan dek kawan2, bukan kerana saya ni perfect cumanya kerana saya tak faham kenapa kawan2 boleh buat saya mcm tu..bak kata Inche' SO , itu bukan kawan namanya...

saya defend perbuatan mereka kerana yakin dengan diri mereka, tapi kemudiannya perbuatan mereka membuatkan saya terpaksa "makan & telan" semula kata2 saya...ada yang sengaja memberi "dosa" tambahan pada saya dan Umi Yan- tak perlulah saya cerita di sini, cuma saya benar2 terkilan dengan sikap mereka ini..

sudahlah tidak menyenangkan @ memberikan apa2 faedah **kecuali menguntungkan diri mereka sendiri** malahan ada masanya menjerat orang lain..itu yang saya katakan pada Umi Yan, mungkin kami di takdirkan utk punya a few quality friends, but they are friends in the real sense..

saya sudah ambil keputusan utk tidak menyemakkan lagi kepala dengan perbuatan mereka yang tidak ambil peduli tentang perasaan saya & sahabat yang lain ..cuma saya doakan semua hanya yang terbaik dariNya, itu sahaja..tapi utk keep in touch, stay in contact, takpelah, tak perlu rasanya...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

bekerja di hari Sabtu..**yeay!**

dah lama sebenarnya tak bekerja di hari sabtu nih..

dulu masa kerja dengan blue star pun bukan selalu kena standby, paling tidak pun masa supervisor extra malas' ku meng-amanahkan amanah dia padaku utk jaga US trade..

dan ...jeng jeng jeng...

today is my first time working on Saturday shift with FXS!

the office is occupied with only 8 staffs at the moment..and it's kind laid back and i had my breakfast in front of my workstation **yippeee!!**

plan afterwards is to bring the boys out..just because:)

2-3 menjak ni terasa anak3 mcm terlalu cepat sangat membesar...Cik Pan pun dah nak masuk 3 tahun and **gulp** Abg Harryth is going to Pri 1 dah..made arrangement for the transit stay after school at the current kindy and insha-ALLAH, kalau takde aral melintang - sessi sekolah agama di Masjid Wilayah nanti..

petang nanti rasanya ke OU lagi kot?
anak3 memang suka sangat La Boheme pizza, JJ bakery yang sungguh sedap tu..and yes, rupa2nya PASTI buat separate sports day untuk anak2...last Sunday was for 6 years old and next Sunday will be the ones for  age 4 & 5...misi: mencari kasut sukan utk Haddyff pula...**Nike lagi ke?**

plan untuk esok?

ZZzZzZzZZzZzZzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ..**kemalasan makin menjadi -jadi bila Cik P dah menjengokkan muka :P**

Friday, October 7, 2011

hari menculik Umi Yan..:)

lama tak keluar and have a girl-to-girl talk dengan Umi Yan..
yelah sejak Umi Yan dah ada Baba, sejak mula jadi wanita berkarier mkn gaji semula ni..masing2 punya jadual waktu kerja yang berbeza..
ada takde pun hantar msgs to-and-fro, "menempel" muka di FB atau tak pun short phone calls in between us **Selalunya dia yg call-segan sangat**
tapi tuharih secara kebetulan Umi Yan pun nak "menarik nafas" dan Harryth perlukan sport shoes utk Hari Sukan PASTI - apa lagi?
niat utama, nak cari kasut Harryth di satu "kononnnya" warehouse sale di Jaya One **nearby FXS office je pun**, tapi dek kerana Google Map yang mengong, jam rabak **mana diorg semua ni nak pergi actually?** dan kami yang betul2 tak familiar dgn kawasan PJ ni- adalah 4-5 kali jugak berpusing satu kampung..kesiannya Umi Yan jadi mangsa..**sabar separuh dr iman, beb..kan?**

bila dah jumpa tempatnya..alahai, sungguh not worth all the efforts!

warehouse sale tu sekadar cukupkan syarat sahaja-huh, nasib Umi Yan & anak3 okay je..
last2 kami semua bergerak ke arah MidValley..
baru teringat di MidValley ada play-land **next to Celebrity Fitness gym** ..idea sudah datang!
apa lagi, misi menghantar Harryth & Haddyff ke sana lah...Cik Pan **bak kata Mak Long Syasha** rupanya kepenatan sudah...siap terlentok dlm stroller , makanya terlepaslah peluang menunjukkan taring di play-land itu..RM30/sejam for a child...okaylah, bukannya selalu pun..tapi harga begitu sebab saya nak letak mereka di situ sejam sahaja..kalau agak2 nak letak unlimited time **unlimited pun agak2 lah ibu-ibu?** it's only RM 22/child..kalau nak di ikutkan jauh lebih murah dr NTUC Pasir Ris...

dptlah juga menarik nafas sambil sama2 menikmati hidangan tengahari memasing..

hmm..maaflah beb tak dpt nak betul2 duduk nak habiskan masa2 berjam2 berbual macam masa dulu..he he he, takpe..ada masa nanti aku kidnap  ko lagi ye..and yes, kali ni kita tunggu time dpt gaji..baru lah meriah sikt, ye tak?:)

Yan, thanks for being a real friend!