Monday, April 12, 2010

:: sila jangan buat begini ::

we have started our search for the new house to rent as moi have already had enough with our current accomodation..tapi tolonglah realty agents, I beg you pls pls pls pls..

kalau ko nak jual rumah tu, put up the SALE sign..

and if you wanna rent the house out, put up the RENT sign..

don't put up both signs and expect the prospective buyers/ rentors can read your mind when you put up "SALE/RENT"...wokey?

first of all, it's wasting my phone credit just to ask you whether the house is for sale /rent?

secondly, it just show how stupid and lazy you are not wanting to do things correctly from the beginning...

and last but not least, pls lah..if you dunno how to speaking London, DO NOT start speaking London after you said "hi!"...

me: Hello..
agent :Hi..
me: I am here in front of a 2sty-corner lot house here in Taman Suria...and there's a sign here saying that it's either for SAEL/ RENT..How much are you asking, yeah?
agent: hello..what? I don't quite undestood you lah, miss..
me: no, this house here in Taman Suria, Jalan xxxxxxxxx, no. it for sale or rent?
agent: apa....ckp melayu lah, kita senang bincang...saya talak pandai speaking London...