Wednesday, May 19, 2010

|| ada pembaca blog saya yang prihatin dan bertanya..||

ada dlm entri yang lepas, I have mentioned something about Inche' S.O and me not being satisfied with the services provided by the **** kindergarten of my boys here in JB..mind you, if they're the "ciput" and "no-name" kinda kindergarten, I wouldn't have bothered to make a big fuss out of it, but as the kindy is so-called an established and reputable education group, I find it to be a personal insult to us as parents when you are unable to provide us with the satisfactory services that you promised beforehand..and mind you, they are quite well-known hence the reason as to why they carry a heavier burden of responsibilities to ensure that their reputations stay intact, whatsoever....

YES, I am angry..
YES, I am frustrated..
and furthermore, I am more devastated than not as my boys look up to them as people that they can trust **..other than me, Inche' S.O. , Tok Daddy,Tok Mommy, Mak Long , Mak know the drill ** and yet, when shit happens, they are just taking the easy way out!
that's the sad truth about it..
this is what happens when childcare providers are focusing more on bussiness, and not on the personal and people-skill...
I am just observing from afar and looking at their next move , if they have any anyway...
but other than that, I am just one p***ed off Mommy and you wouldn't wanna mess around with me, you dig?

p/s: on another note, jalan dr BBU--> bandar mulai semalam sudah terpaksa menggunakan diversion road yang agak pendek,and I have no qulams about had already been advertised in the papers since pd sapa2 yang tak makan saman jugak,kuwar rumah esok lambat lagi ah..

p/s/s: oh yes, untuk makcik KPJ yang drive PROTON SAGA PURPLE/KELABU TAIK ANJING pagi awak, yang ikut suka hati mak bapak awak nak buat u-turn dekat flyover sempit, turun dr arah Danga Bay semalam..alah yang menyebabkan jalan jam rabak pasal awak terkial-kial, nak jugak buat U-turn kat situ, samdol!badigol! sila jangan buat lawak bangsat tak berhemah mcm pagi semalam yer..pagi tu, saya cuma hon dlm 3 minit je masa awak buat 3-point turn kat jalan yang sudah maha sesak, ditambah lagi dengan sikap dan tindakan awak yang sungguh pentingkan diri itu..kalau harinih awak buat lagi...dengan segala hormatnya saya akan amek batu dan pecahkan cermin tingkap kete awak itu...u have been warned!!!!


Asz said...

tu dia .. dun mess with this mommy ... garang rupanyer cik puan zaza ni eh ... hehehe

Scorpio Girl said...

I actually am a very peace-loving person, tau sis..tapi..bila dah menyusahkan orang kat tengah jalan gitew and then buat muka seposen..siap ah!huisy, she made my blood go upstairs seyh...Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, jangan Kau pertemukan aku lagi dengan pemandu itu..Ameeennn!