Tuesday, May 11, 2010

|| cuma nak kasitau.... ||

......that one paper down, and another 3 to go...

Alhamdulillah, I think I did not hoping for a miracle, an A or my age, passing every exams is more vital than getting great grades...gone were the days were aiming for a B was never even a considerable option..but now, dengan komitmen kerja, komitmen anak2 dan bisnes I can only hope that the efforts thrown into my studies, will not in turn, go down the drain..

yang bestnya, my life ni kalau takde drama it is not me, pure and simple....

but the focus of the story this morning was not me per se, but it's my kuda hitam taknak "hidup" pagi tadi..seawal 5 am I tried to crank up the engine, revving it just to warm the engine up..but... **gasp** yelek!!


dahlah plannya nak hantar anak2 jam 7pg gi sekolah and then take my own sweet time to the exam center in Impian Emas..taknak kalut, taknak aim was to be there at least 1 hr before the scheduled time..

sudahnya sebelum suboh lagi dah call Inche' S.O, niatnya nak mengadu...he he he he **ye , saya memang manja dengan dia okey?!!** so dia advise untuk call 3 cabs , just to be on the safe side..

terbeliak jugak bijik mata..mana taknya, saya tak penah lagi naik kenderaan awam bersama2 3 orang hero saya..jeng jeng jeng!!!!

but alhamdulillah, hati nih tergerak nak try hidupkan kereta about 10mins to 7am..lo and behold, the engine took life!

so dengan jayanya, I kept the engine running for about 20 mins and pack up the boys and their stuffs, loading everything back into car and called all the cabs for I had my day in accordance as to how I planned it to be...even after the exam was done and over with, I had no problems whatsoever in starting the car to have my leisurely drive back home..

**DIA telah memberikan rahmatNYA seawal pagi..DIA taknak saya kalut dan tak selesa bila terkejar2 nak ke exam center..harapan saya juga agar dia lembutkan hati para pemeriksa --> yes, kertas exam UOL di tanda oleh 2 orang pemeriksa wokey..that's why they seldom entertain request for a re-check & re-count--> untuk memberikan saya markah yang sewajarnya untuk membenarkan saya lulus tanpa mengulang sebarang paper....Insha-ALLAH..Allahu akbar!**

anyway, CRIMINAL law is history as of today, insha-ALLAH..and in the words of my LLB clan ..."Let's goreng our answers and let the markers have a fit while reading our answers"....ha ha ha ha...
**when we say FIT, we mean it in a very good way**

Round 2:Public Law **gasps!**