Friday, February 18, 2011

Army Wives

Since the series started to air on ASTRO's 702- I have always been a fan..Nope, it's not because I wanna be an army officer's wife..**do know that I was born into an army officer's family** It's kind remind me of how things were back when we were ** as in my Kakak & I were staying together with my parents** army brats..The protocol, the etiquette etc..

But nah,the politics I believed were not THAT bad lah..

Walau macam mana sekalipun, we are still bound by religion, culture dan yang sebagainya..

But then, I always enjoyed myself whenever the show goes on air..

Imagining real hard and trying to figure out if my Mom were in the same shoes as Claudia Joy Holden?Being the General's wife, a mother, a friend?

Anywhuuu, looking at the effort that my Mom had to put through raising us while still doing her part as a Datin , an Officer's wife, a Mother and an educator I don't think I will EVER raise up to the occasion..

So MOM, here's to you....

I found a poem dedicated to the Army Wives all around the world..**credit to danienicole


Shafira said...

the 'sticker' army wife, toughest job in the army...
i've seen that before... dad bought that sticker for Mom ! ptotla cm kenal..