Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pascal & Maximus - Officialy my fav of the month! **TANGLED**

Just bought the DVD as the advert was running on Astro's Disney Channel 615 almost non-stop kan?The boys literally annoyed me with their whining and begging for the DVD but hafta admit, the story was good **pls be informed that I am easily pleased kalau pendapat & pendapatan kita bercanggah, takyah kasitau..simpan sendiri dlm hati, pls!**

The story was ditambah perisa sana-sini lah **as usual, namapun cerita..lagi2 citer kartun** but the coloring and graphic is superb..and aku tak dpt bayangkan the story in 3D **nope, not planning to watch it in the cinemas- boys aren't behaving good enough for those kinda trip yet** Kalau ikut storytale, yang jumpa si Rapunzel ni is supposingly a prince, but in this version - he's a theft and penipu tahap dewa by the name of Flynn Ryder aka Eugene Fitzherbert **ha ha ha ha, sungguh classic original name dia** But undoubtedly the main attraction of the movie **at least for me lah **, was the animal characters..Disney has decided that these animals do not talk **unlike Shrek, Lion King etc** but still have mimics relatively similar to humans , and that to me was hilarious! 

owh Pascal yang sungguh comel and full of attitude..:D **moi likey!**Tangled Pascal photo
**muka inosen**
Tangled Pascal photo
**muka gangster Kg Pisang**

**Dey Rapunzel, apa sala aku lah wei?**
muka ketat dia takleh angkat seyh!

**Maximus -Guard Horse yang buat muka -ada aku kesah?-**

**Hullo gundu, diorg lari ikut sini lah Dol!**