Monday, May 16, 2011

More of Inche' SO cousin's wedding pictures!

seringkasnya part II gambar2 masa majlis persandingan sepupu Inche' SO..

the reception on the bride's side **pictures not available yet**

comel nah tau budak ni!

The sporting family members- Darling & Darren **my niece & nephew- the only one in white while the rest are decked in green!** with some of the family members yang happening!

kedua mempelai baru nak makan **kesian sangat!**

para jemputan dan sesi karaoke **semacam satu sesi wajib tau kat Spore ni**

pengantin bergambar dengan anak2 sedara yang hadir - nak amek berkat!:D

yes, pictures of us again..

anak2 sedara in green combo!
**tak, my sons are not here as they refuse to wear the same attire - they wanna wear their Ben10 shirts, which coincidentally in also green**