Wednesday, May 4, 2011

yes, moving back up to KL...**for good? wink**

some of you might have heard or read somewhere that I have been busy finding a place/ school for Harryth these past few months..lemme clear the air, yes...we **as in Inche' SO and I** have decided to move back up to KL for several reasons that will not be disclose here...

we have been scouting for a place in and a few other online sites but have to admit that has really been a blessing for us...not only that we got a lot of units to view but we also got reviews on the prospective units as well as reviews by other users as well..and icing on the cake, we have gotten ourself a great, humble and respectable real estate agent by the name of Mr Ryan Lee...:D

Alhamdulillah, we have settled the matters with regards of  the house..and I have successfully registered Harryth into my school of choice the day we had our short trip up to KL but am still keeping my fingers cross that he'll get selected and accepted into THAT school. The environment is superb and the view is mesmerizing! and I love the fact that the students there has this beautiful American accent whenever they speak in English**I know Harryth will feel just like home** 

Pls before you judge me, lemme tell you something about me and my family..Language is a huge thing for us at home, okay? be it Bahasa Melayu **my Mom specialty but she still speaks good English!** or in English **most of the time we converse in English, at home..the same routine I am doing at my own home right now** So for me to go to that chosen school and hear the language being spoken perfectly, right down to the accent - for a 9 year old, does impresses me a lot! indirectly it is foretelling about the environment these kids have grown up in and hopefully, my children will be able to reap the same benefits such as educational-wise, mentality -wise as well as social-wise as the other children are already doing just by attending this Sekolah BerPrestasi Tinggi **SBT/SPT** Undoubtedly, we as parents would still need to play our part in this but for me, at least 40% of the battle is already in the bag when a school is as conducive as this one.. And this is actually the main reason as to why we have decided to move into THIS kinda neighbourhood and pay THAT much money for our condo - to give nothing but the best for our children!:D

Anywayyyyy....some of you might be asking, what about y businesses here in JB?

Well,   the kindergarten will undergo some not-so-major, not-so-minor revamping soon ** 2012 session will roll out** we are looking into setting up an Islamic Integrated syllabus for the new establishment and that will be updated, Insha-ALLAH- when we have anything to update..SOON!

My catering bussiness?

Well caterers make a hell lot of money in KL, dontcha know?

ha ha ha ha..but yes, for the time being, I have been spreading my resume all over the website especially to those located nearby the new condo - why? well I do believe that it is more productive than just sitting down doing nuthing at home, ain't it?

nevertheless with my experiences in working so far **but then being a bussiness0owner for the past 2 years** I was kinda expecting a slow response to my job application, something preciatble I might add..But Alhamdulillah, callbacks have been more than a few and I am just glad that my experiences are still being appreciated and needed ...but yes, will definitely need to "sieve" through and see how it goes...

at the same time, friends...If you have any good location for me to open up a Kindy in your area- do lemme know..Plan to open up one branch in KL as well...:D

so, there's that...till we meet again online..take care!

p/s: still with lazy mode ON....packing packing packing = boring boring boring!