Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bedtime Story session...

Inche' SO komplen kata saya nampaknya masih belum dapat mempengaruhi anak3 dengan kegilaan membaca buku saya secara TOTAL...

yes, I love reading..

at times, I cheat at doing chores just to have a quite 30 mins to grab anything with texts and sit down to read..but alas, like what Inche' SO mentioned - I have yet to share that interest with my boys..

so starting yesterday - I have started another routine with the boys - bedtime stories!

tak lama pun - about 15 mins every day before bedtime..

I try to make it as interesting as possible with my intonations & facial expressions et all **namapun drama queen with a capital Q, kan?** and alhamdulillah, their response was soooo touching!

Irfan was literally crying when I finished the book **sebenarnya trick taknak zzzz**, Haddyff gave me a standing ovation & Harryth? He just can't wait for tonight's bedtime story session..:)

now in my daily groceries lists' are story books and to keep 'em under budget, I plan to buy all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series first before moving on to more expensive books **yup, the Mom is a cheapskate - I can;t help it!**


J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

i wanna be a great mom like u zaza ! muah !

cik puan olympus said...

yeay... gud for them...

~standing ovation for u jugak la :)

Scorpio Girl said...

Jue - you are already a GREAT MOM, Jue!:) never EVER forget that !

Yan - to-chey, tp-chey ; aiks standing ovation je?dr Umi Yan mesti nak kena sedas -2 durian puffs...:P