Sunday, November 27, 2011

Outing at Waffle World - One Utama

Most of time, during weekends I will try my very best to bring the boys out from the house- be it to the playground, indoor gym **in Bangsar** or just window shopping in any of the malls nearby. But we really love OU as not only they have the indoor playground near the cinema, they also have lotsa eating otlets - not only fast foods but also outlets like Chillies and our favorite there  - Waffle World!

The service is awesome, and the food is a sure win with the boys and yeah who wouldn't love chocolates, ice-cream and whipped cream?!:)

Irfan with his traditional waffle dish - butter + maple syrup

Harryth - waffle + vanilla ice-cream

Haddyff with his ice-cream - reminds me of ME, he will always have somethg different - just because!:)