Thursday, November 3, 2011

Syasha - Shafinaz Hasny turns 32 y'ollsss..:)

Today is my sister's 32nd birthday - Syasha Hasny. A year older and a year wiser!

Although we are not as close as how we wished we should be, but know that you mean the world to me.. Have a blessed birthday and know that I love you so much! **so does Aisy, Adyff & Cik Pan montel**

....and Cik Pan wanna sing u a song and it goes like this....

He-pi be-bay yu-yu, He-pi be-bay yu-yu, He-pi be-bay yu-yu Ma-Lon, He-pi be-bay yu-yu
**yay, clap clap clap**

Gambar Raya yang diambil semasa puasa :P
My pink-themed family...Love them to bits..............

p/s: jgn, saya mok-mok..!!