Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Long Christmas Weekend pt I

They were utterly pampered at Tok Daddy's place during the long Christmas weekend..
Tok Daddy decided to bring them to the new Officers' Mess in Kem Perdana Sg Besi which comes equipped with a gym, swimming pools and sauna **hint hint**
Anyway, to get them into the "swimming" spirit, Tok Daddy + Tok Mommy have bought each and every one of them a pair of googles and true enough, it has become their sole obsession - especially to Cik Pan, who has been wearing it day in day out - in the kitchen, in the hall, even at the dining table but surprisingly - he was not keen of wearing it when he was at the pool **hmm - scratches head**
Anyway, they had a blast in the kiddy pool and spent almost 2 hrs in it - refusing to come out when Tok Daddy asked them to AND the best thing was that Cik Pan is trauma-free of swimming pool **yeay!**..I had to promised them we'll come and visit Tok Mommy + Tok Daddy soon for the pool SOON...



ayah ko dah pindah sg besi balik ke??

Scorpio Girl said...

he he he..actually masa ayah aku posting kat Sabah tu, mak aku masih stay kat Sg Besi..cuma sejak dia naik pangkat, he was given a better house..the best part is adik aku pindah sket2 sendiri sebab..jeng jeng jeng...rumah baru tu opposite je rumah lama...ha ha ha...kem sg besi skang dah best jugak la..lagi2 sejak Mes Pegawai baru ni siap + UPNM + RMC kat dalam tu..Atok sorang tu bukan apa, kalau boleh dia nak sowang cucu dia masuk army jugak..:)