Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ayu Jelita Medical Aesthetics

Kan ada mengadu pasal kulit muka yang jadi maha terul lepas pakai produk "tu" kan?

Went through a few cosmetic clinics online, mencari solusi ah  - macam mana nak kurangkan parut muka ni...

and alhamdulillah, mmg dipermudahkan sangat sangat olehNya...

it is located nearby to our house, about 5minutes away and on top of that they have super nice staffs who was very patient in attending to my enquiries on the phone and while I was there for a treatment...

oh and yes, I did mentioned about the botched so-called beauty regiment that I had with a product, kan? so most of the opinions were for me to undergo chemical peel [read:CHEMICAL PEEL here] to overcome that problem and to tell you frankly I am loving it - after 1 treatment, I could see evidently that there are slight differences before and after the treatment - especially with regards of the spots and the flaring pimples/acne. 

it actually comes in a package jugak but I came there only for a trial so the it was RM150/treatment but I was told that I could get bundle of treatment for a steal..they also proposed laser treatment [read:LASER TREATMENT here] that could do the job faster. For this package, it RM1500/3 treatment instead of the normal RM1500/treatment..

so apalai Inche' SO? **hint hint**

but seriously, go for a consultation first and get your skin checked and of course, pick a package that fits your requirement and pocket!:)