Friday, November 2, 2012

JARS - check!

my cake-in-a-jar project in well under way..

I have bought 1 carton of 250ml jars, consisting of 60 jars with 60 gold metal lids for RM43.50 from QUALITY PACK. Kedainya nampak macam tak impressive but boy, do they have containers there...dr plastik, kaca dan juga untuk pelbagai jenis kegunaan simpanan..

anyway, what's left now is to do a test-run in baking them - wanna know if I can successfully bake directly in the jars or if I need to bake it in a separate tray then transfer them into the jars, just in case kan?

anyway...semangat tengah membara nih...moga2 berhasillah hasil tangan kali ni...:)