Saturday, November 30, 2013

Early birthday dinner - with Inche' SO

Wajah- wajah kesayangan saya...

Inche' SO sekali- sekala datang menjenguk kami di KL bila punya kesempatan...

dan saya benar2 menghargai tiap pengorbanannya yang sanggup berulang alik bilamana dia boleh untuk menghabiskan masa bersama-sama kami di sini..

Most of the time he did not manage to celebrate our special days on the day itself but no matter what, he'll definitely celebrate those days during his visits..

baru2 ni kami ke TGIF untuk makan malam bersempena hari lahir saya yang ke 33 - niatnya mahu ke Tony Roma di 1 Mont Kiara only to find out that the is closed for renovations and the best part is that I did not know that there is a Tony Roma outlet in eCurve [silly Zaza!]

Kenapa Tony Roma?
Have you guys tasted their ribs???!!!!
he he he he he..

anyway - TQ so much darling for celebrating my birthday and this is actually my 12th birthday with him and I am feeling blessed each and ever day we're together ...I cannot deny that my love for him has grown since the first time I've met him...

my heroes 
Harryth, Haidie, Haddyff, Haddy- Irfan

the four of them taking picture in one frame - one was bound to be "crushed" in between

 Haddyff suka benar buat muka sedih...and Irfan's cheeky face lepas dpt sakat Haddyff