Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Frozen pt I

Yahoo! Malaysia is an angel!

he he he he he - ayat mengampu kan kan ? is it THAT obvious?

Tadi sy ke pejabat Yahoo! Malaysia di Surian Tower, ambil masa dlm 7 min je kalau berjalan kaki dr rumah tp disebabkan Si Montok ada bersama saya sempena cuti sekolah ni, jadinya kami memandu ke sana..

Their receptionist was very kind and their staff was very efficient - we were in and out from their office within 5 mins...just the way I like it!

If you guys recalled from my prev post about this winning with them - I actually only won 2 tickets and a merchandise of the new Disney movie "FROZEN" but as an ex-colleague of mine [Hafezam ex-DAMCO] who also won this from Yahoo! Malaysia could not make it - he was kind enough to give those tickets to me as a birthday gift! *** yeay***

I know that the boys will definitely be happy tomorrow during the screening..

p/s: Oh yes, I just realized that these tickets are for a special screening tomorrow night as the movie will only be in cinemas in Malaysia starting from the 28th November 2013..