Monday, November 18, 2013

Montessori Ilham Graduation Concert 2013 [10th November 2013]

the boys had fun albeit it was a short stint..

but I hafta admit they were super duper cute and gosh, how much I wanted to just hug and squash everyone..

here's some pictures from the event and no, I have yet to receive the CD for the event so I just have to be contented with these snippets for the time-being..

pictures courtesy from MONTESSORI ILHAM

The cutest bunch of them all 

the boys in blue , the girls in pink
[sitted : Aliff, Haddy-Irfan & Milo]

Haddy- Irfan just wanted to finish it early I guess...he's timing was waaay off!

Rehearsal for Haddyff's class - the ones I took was a bit blurry so yeah, hadta wait for the CD