Wednesday, March 31, 2010

:: he knows how to spell ::

I am just so proud of my sons,really..who wouldn't right?

anyway,during the last school holidays he got glued to the Playhouse Disney channel on ASTRO C.613 and was constantly watching episodes of WORD WORLD..interesting enough, it had taught him how to spell and the graphics of the show was eye-catching and fascinating ...

as a mother myself, I believe that he had manage to pick up spelling easily as the words are being spelled and "shown" or drawn to reflect the actually item..

e.g: sheep--> you'll see a white fleeced sheep made out of the letters forming the word itself

so mothers, if you have some spare time to spend with your children, try to tune in to Playhouse Disney and try to watch Word World and I hope that the program will assist your children as how it has helped mine..:D