Friday, March 26, 2010

:: one day in the car ::

it was raining yesterday..let me correct that, it has been raining every afternoon here in JB..most of the time nowadays I had to re-plan my entire day to ensure that I don't drive in the rain..I do not hate it, I do not loathe it..just because, you see...anyway, after sending my significant other to the Iskandar KIK, I made my way back and was using the Lingkaran Dalam road and as usual, was stuck in the traffic for quite some time...normally when this happens, my eyes will wander into the adjacent cars..nosey, you say?not necessarily..for me, it's just a simple inquisitiveness, natural for a normal homo sapiens such as moi .in front of me, one black Waja must've been involved in an accident **note:back bumper was tighten using tali rafia..creative!** at the back, a snobbish new Merz E Class driver who thinks that just becuase he owns a new, elegant car that he owns the world **not in my lifetime, darling!**..
then, i couldn't help myself from observing the car on my right..Inside was 3 young men-->one driver with a chinese guy sitting next to him with the malay ones sitting at the first I thought that they were those very expressive people **hint hint :like ME!** hands were waved all over and their facial expressions were first class..I was amused and inavertedly, I was staring..I couldn't help myself..I was staring hard as then I realised that they were "signing" with each other..OMG, I felt so bad..the boys were deaf and dumb...I tried harder not to stare but then I realised that the Malay boy was trying to get my attention..staring at me, as if wanted to say something..I wind down my window and smiled at him..He did the same thing and just before the light turned green..he gestured that he like my car, big...and something in me cried...