Tuesday, March 30, 2010

:: saturday - walking down memory lane ::

the weekend came and gone..

nothing much happened..

but of course, I was happy to get to see some familiar faces at my uncle's wedding..This family is from the Md Som's side of the family ( my lated grandmama's side)..I am embarassed to state that I don't really know much about that side of the family..why, you ask?mostly it's because my late grandmama passed away when I was still young..I was 8 or 9 the most at that time..It's not an excuse, but I guessed it played a part somehow rather..nevertheless, I am blessed to known those who are dear to my heart,especially the groom's family whose house is a "wajib" house to go to during the festive season..

the uncle who got married is the last son of the family and I guess, his wedding was a reunion of some sort, especially for those who stayed out of radar and those who are residing out of Johor..

I was estatic to see my cousins **Ayu, Abg Man and his fiance**, my family **sans Kakak, she's flooded with her work, as usual**, my Auntie **Auntie Ned** and lotsa other relatives whom I only know by salutations **my Dad's cousins /uncles/aunties etc**...

and you know what, I saw someone that I haven't seen in almost 25 years..
who is he?
jeng jeng jeng....
he used to assist my Dad in Kem Lok Kawi by sending me to and from school **some sort of an unofficial driver :P**..and no, as we only had one available car at that period of time,he didn't sent me using a car but I had the priviledge of riding his Vespa on a daily basis...:D
**kewl huh?**

the only bad point about seeing him is that, I realized how he had stayed the same over the years, while I had mushroomed into one helluva big sponge cake..:P

anyway, the trip back to Pontian was bittersweet..
I used to hated it there..
I had fun when we were staying somewhere else and not "trapped" there per se..
You may say that I am those type that had been used to the hustle and ustle of the big city and had my own episode of "culture shock" when Mr Dad & Mrs Mom decided to put me and Kakak in SDPB...not that I had not enjoyed my stay there, but the earlier transition period was tough on me, personally....
Drove pass the old school and I realised how uch it has changed but the sense of belonging and pride of being an alumni to that school is beyond words..

I wished I would live long enough to show my boys the places where I used to go when I was studying there as how Mr Dad & Mrs Mom showed us their "spots" all around the town..It would be nostalgic and I now that it would definitely annoy the hell outta my boys..ha ha ha ha ha.....:D

anyway, never imagined that the trip back and forth Spore-JB-Pontian-JB-Spore wa gonna be so tiring, hence the happiness when I gotta know that Inche S.O. had taken time off from work to look after the boys..
**tq darling**