Wednesday, March 31, 2010

:: pharyngitis ::

I think its inevitable when you send your children to kindergarten/nursery that they will get infected with whatever -itis (inflammation) /fever /cough from the other children..

to think that I once thought that my boys would be immune to everything and to be proven wrong, was a heavy burden for me to swallow it in..

- constant coughing/ flu etc
- cut /bruises from co-called "child's play" with the other children

anyway, we've had experiences with almost everything that you have everthought of , nevertheless when Haddy Irfan was down with high fever almost every night for the past 3 nights, left me scared shitless...

Irfan was okay during the day time but when it's after Maghrib, it's a different issue...

I scarcely had the much needed shut eye, but being a Mom, I guess sleep is always a luxury you can't afford **together with personal time, gossip & chit-chatting over hi tea etc..ha ha ha, owh yes, and that LV monogram bag that I've been eyeing on for ages....**

his fever would spiked just nicely after midnight and he would scream his lungs out when I gave him his ice cold bath..this is very important to ensure that his fever does not exceed the reasonable temperature, so that his nervous system will not be compromised form the fever itself..

alhamdulillah, after 3 sleepless nights,he has shown signs of recuperation but he is still at home,resting..I prefer it that way..

anyway, our family doctor confirmed that he is suffering from pharyngitis and should be okay within a couple of days, Insha-ALLAH..

in the meantime, Mommy here has to endure the sleepless night with watching DVDs...yeay?
**hi hi hi hi hi**