Tuesday, March 30, 2010

:: oh no, adakah saya sudah TUA???? ::

the incident happened on the day I brought baby Irfan to our family GP in BBU..

as usual, the clinic was flocked with people and we had to wait for our turn, although it wasn't for long..

already there was a teacher and 2 students from a nearby school and on one of the student I could some blotchiness on her skin as well as some sort of inflammatory turns out that that girl was bitten by a bee in school..not only that, she was having an alergic reaction and was slowly going into anaphylactic shock..

anywaaayyyyy....while waiting for the friend to be treated, the other girl was playing with baby Irfan**he has this effect on people...I think, all babies do.It must've been their big, innocent eyes and chubby cheeks, I reckon:P** I have no qualms in people being nice to my babies **whichever it might be** and was happily reading the magazine to past time before our turn to see the DR..


"Auntie, anak Auntie ni sowang je ye?"


**alamak, gua sudah masuk alam makcik-makcik ke skang???huwaaaaa!!!!**

" takdelah, anak AUNTIE ada 3"
**i heard something break..must've been my pride**

just because of that, I quickly did a simple math calculations and darn, I am gonna be 30 this year...

ha ha ha ha ha...dah tua rupanya..