Monday, April 5, 2010

:: the boys... ::

I have been wanting to post these pictures on FB but ntah kenapa asek tak boleh je..

dunno whether it's my laptop's fault or FB...

anyway, the pictures were taken when we had a short trip up to KL to visit my parents in Kem Sg Besi..

some were taken around the house, a few were taken while having lunch with Kakak in IKEA..
the last time I had my poached salmon, where IKEA Tampines discontinue their servings and have this boring, dry salmon burger instead... **iiiyeeewwww!!**

anyway, enjoy...:D

p/s: for friends yang nak sgt tgk gambar2 anak2ku..sila sila...jgn malu malu..

Haddy Irfan kebosanan- tunggu Mak Long lambat sangat **ha ha ha ha**

......masih kebosanan.....

Susah tau nak dpt diorg nih bergambar elok and baik-baik macam nih..Harryth & Haddyff

Haddyff & Mak Long having their lunch

masa ni Harryth & Haddyff memang lepas gian makan meatballs koz IKEA Spore doesn't serve HALAL meatballs..:(

he likes posing like this, dunno why ek?

he's much into it..sampai tak sedar Mommy snap picture..

Haddyff yang tak penat2..or lain dah nak masuk zzz, dia sibuk nak main kat luar rumahTok Daddy lagi..