Friday, April 2, 2010

:: Fair/ Exhibition at Danga City Mall ::

adalah seorang kawan ni yang dtg dr Melaka and staying in Puteri Pacific for some work-related matters and komplen kat FB yang dia kebosanan koz according to him, there's nothing to do in JB..

I beg to differ anyway.. **ye, saya anak jati Johor!!**

for one, dia dtg JB waktu weekdays, granted JB is not like KL , havoc 24/7 but we do know how to have fun dowh!

sila lihat kalendar di bawah ini..those are the list of fairs and exhibitions lined up for April 2010..:D

Inche' S.O. plans to have a date for both fairs, meaning sans boys...**sorry boys, Mommy needs some quality worries, I'll buy you guys some stuffs!**

so bro, I guess you just came at the wrong time lah weyy.....!!!:P