Saturday, April 3, 2010

:: I believe congratulations are in order...Daddy!::

I am just happy and proud to announce here that my beloved father, HASNY BIN HJ  MD SALLEH has been promoted and he is now officially a 1-star General with the Royal Malaysian Army.

I for one, has been a witness **together with my Mommy and Kakak & Girl** of his dedications and contributions to the country. His sacrifices finally are not being left unseen.. How we as a family as well sacrificed, especially my Mommy to ensure that he achieved what he aimed in life..

Congratulations Daddy..and I really appreciate the army life, as now I realized that the constant moving from one location to another has made and turn me into an adaptable person, flexible and strong..Being your daughter that taught me a lot, and knowing that when you work hard--it will be paid off!

Angah sayang Daddy!!

Aisy , Haddyff & Baby Irfan loves Tok Daddy & Tok Mommy too....