Thursday, April 1, 2010

:: how I keep my son's eczema under wraps ::

whenever we see a child suffering from any kind disease or condition, hati kita akan cepat tersentuh..

but do we even realized that the suffering does not only involve the person who's having/ experiencing it, but also their any normal cases, those provider are normally the parents..

I would have never thought that I would be one of them..although the condition experienced by my son, MUHAMMAD HADDYFF ZULFADHLI is not as serious as others but I am not gonna lie that it has brought a great discomfort for the whole family..

no, I am not complaining..I am just sharing the ups and downs of my life, that's all..

when we had him, it was a joyous occassion as Inche' S.O and me had always wanted to add-on our collection of huggies and HADDYFF was an angel sent by HIM to us...

he was breastfed until the tender age of 3 mths, and quickly was put on the formula as I wasn't really keen on continuing BF at that time..why? seriously, it was a selfish move as I thought that a) BF was troublesome and b) I didn't know better and I didn't have the support I had now back then..Inche'S.O. had left the option open for me, and alas I had took the easy way out..

anyway, after about another 3 mths on the formula,  realized that he had developed a small rash on both sides of his was small at first, and then it spread out across the face..on top of that, his skin suddenly became slightly flacky and started to flare when the weather was getting a bit too hot to handle..I freaked out, course I thought he had SLE...

I tried sunblocks and lotions but to NO avail..

the last resort was to sent him to a specialist when he was just a year old..I couldn't remember the clinic's name or the DR's name but the clinic is located at the small private specialist clinic at Wisma Maria, JB..this elderly yet friendly DR confirmed that Haddyff was indeed suffering from eczema..

he gave us both good news and bd news.....
good news: he is still young..and the condition can go away anytime after the age of 5
bad news: there's no absolute cure yet, just preventative steps to make sure that the condition is under control..

so he has been under series of oral drugs to control the itchiness and inflammation..lotions, soapless bathing wash etc, you name it..

it was under control, so to speak..that is until the next heat wave of weather comes along..

frankly, I am almost at my wits end with this's sad to see where one of your child can eat almost everything **org Jawa kata, tolak batu dgn kayu je** whereas the other one had restricted diet of non-dairy, no-seafood and nut rule..on top of that, how could you say NO to your child when we wats to eat something, kan?

NO lobsters..
NO prawns...
NO squids /calamari..
NO egg yolks...
NO ikan masin and its derivative **kangkung masak belachan, cencaluk etc**...

kesian dia.... **sob sob sob**

this has been going on until last year, where I met up with a junior from my alumni, SDPB..she's doing great for a young lady..does not need to report 9-5 i the office, travels on almost a weekly basis and sees clients when she wants it, and not because she needs to...

anyway, this product that she had introduce to me was under this co called ONE COMMUNITY,or ONE COM for has limited products, slightly pricey but worth every cent of it..

there's this 2 products which I am currently using on a daily basis now..

one is called the eWASH..a non-detergent assist thingamajig that has eliminate my dependence to detergent of any kind during washing **but you can always use it sparsely to get tough stains out from your clothing like lipstick stains, grease etc** one time investment cost me about my 3 years worth of detergents..and it helps Haddyff's condition as well,as there is no use of any chemicals of whatsoever to clean his attire..I used to wash all his linens, towels and clothes separately form ours but now I don't have to...:D

benefits of eWASH:

  • It prevents oxidation and discoloration of fabric that caused by chlorine in the water and helps to retain the elasticity of the fabric.

  • The e-WASH contains anti-bacterial agent that eliminate the mold, pathogenic organisms and unpleasant odors, at the same time activates water molecules to increase cleaning effect.

  • With these combined functions, it is unnecessary to add bleaching agent, fabric softener or any other washing additives.

  • For children, women and those with sensitive and delicate skin, it is highly recommended to use e-WASH for their laundry.

  • There is no fabric tangle or twist after usage.

  • Cost saving, skin irritation protection and reducing pollution caused by synthetic detergent, multi-benefits can be achieved at one time.
and the other product that I am using is one called eNUTRA..this is actually a supplement that  is of the highest quality available in the market of Premium Colostrum, contains 25% IgG (per sachet) compared to the industry standard of is a power-packed nutriceutical designed to help reduce the annoying and debilitating effects of poor digestive health and diseases as a result of hectic lifestyles and nutrient-depleted processed food supply.

I have made it practice of adding half a sachet of eNUTRA daily into Haddyff's first morning milk breakfast and it has work wonders on his condition...

do note that this is not the absolute and ultimate cure...

I am just sharing this piece of info as it seems to work marvelously with my boys..

the combination of eNutra and eWash seems to have good effects on his condition, even at times when he gave in to temptations and have his huge servings of prawns etc...:D

anyway,for those who would like to have a go at the products, kindly lemme know..

it would be my pleasure to share my experience of keeping Haddyff's eczema with ONE COM...