Sunday, April 25, 2010

:: I know you read my blog wanting me to slip all the tiniest details about me and Inche' S.O ...::

I know you keep track **or might I say, stalking me** through my website/blog..

hence the reason why I purposely kept my blog public...

you know why?

koz unlike you I have nothing to hide..

koz unlike you, the world is my universe and not just the next Tom, Dick or Harry that say "hi!" & "bye!" with a blink of an eye..

tolonglah, dalam usia di mana you should concentrate more on you than me, you're just stressing yourself out by seeing that I am happy with Inche' S.O..

Get it through that thick skull of yours that all your efforts of bringing us down, will not do you good..

If ever we break apart, IT WILL NEVER BE BECAUSE OF YOU...Insha-Allah..

and now, could you just pls leave us alone and give us some space to breath..that is, without you around?

I heard that the next galaxie is empty..Why don't you just scoot over there and do everyone here on Earth a HUGE favour?

Pls and tq!


me_czar said...

Apsal ni?
Sapa kacau ko, cuba citer sket

Scorpio Girl said...

biasalah manusia...
jenis yang tak reti diri di untung..
citer nih citer lama, aku sendiri ingat dah habes dah story dia..rupa2nya, masih "aktif" lagi..tu yang geam tu..
takpe nanti kita buat gathering, we story mory morning glory kay?:D

thanks for the concern tau?