Friday, April 9, 2010

:: Spending time with Tok Daddy, Tok Mommy & Mak Su **

actually gambar2 ni dah almost 4 mths old kalau tak silap..but as usual, I can't seem to upload these in FB hence I am updating it here..

Tok Mommy had some issue to deal with in Pontian and Tok Daddy decided that they wanna spend some time with the boys as well, hence the reason why they stayed in Kukup Golf Resort for 2D1N package..

bila dah setel je keje2 yang seharusnya dibereskan dahulu, I drove back to with the new highway, albeit cuma sampai area sebelum Pekan Nanas je, the driving time has been cut short not bad, I arrived in Pontian around 45 mins, bought dinner for the boys first then waited for Tok Daddy's car **actually, ni kete Tok Mommy--> kete ni lagi best kalau travel long distance, more power!** to convoy to the resort..

belum apa2 anak2 dah mula "miang" dah...

they know that with their grandparents, everything goes..and when I say "everything", I do mean everything okay?

anyway, we didn't have much activities going on, just the usual...sitting down, eating and drinking...and the most important part of all..gossipping with Mommy and Mak Su..Daddy dengar & gelakkan je..:D

2 days seems to be so short..that is why during my 3-mths course in KL, I am planning to visit Mom on a weekly basis-->every weekend lah, that is..

but that is subject to changes..since the last time we heard about my Dad's promotion (read: here), he has been confirmed to be based in a camp in Tawau and I am not really sure if Mom is allowed to occupy the house they're currently staying in Sg Besi Camp, nevertheless, their house in Tengku Jaafar Golf Resort in Senawang is not far anyway...**plus, I have yet to be in that house physically tau?cuma tgk gambar2 chandelier Mommy je, boleh gitew?**

anyway, here are some of the shots taken...

Haddy Irfan bermanja-manja dgn Tok Mommy

Oh yes, that's my Dad's famous "aku-garang" look..ha ha ha ha..

Haddy-Irfan & Tok Daddy

selalu berebut nak duduk dengan Mak Su bila Mak Su ada **the mother gets to rest, finally...**

ini adalah pose lakonan semata-mata...:P

gearing up for the farewell

Tok Daddy fastening Harryth's seat belt...

Tok Mommy tengah pujuk Adyf, jgn nangis....

muka rela kena cium dengan Mak Su dia..

Tok Daddy, Tok Mommy pujuk cucu-cucu jangan sedih..**suh tgk cartoon**


Asz said...

zaza darling ... yup, our kids sure gets everything wth their grandparents ...

in my case, my 8 year old boy dok ngan my parents since he was a baby ... i only managed to get him back when he was 6 yrs old, but for his own good, last year i let him stay wth his nenek & atok coz his lil brother slalu sgt sakit ... so mine mmg kompem a spoil brat!!!

Scorpio Girl said...

ha ha ha ha...I understand, completely sis!
yang nih tak duduk dgn grandparents dia pun dah manja gitew, apatah lagi yang duduk membesar sama- sama..lagi lah di tatang kan?:D