Tuesday, June 29, 2010

|| good bye JB....hi there KL,miss me much? ||

countdown punya countdown, akhirnya tibalah hari yang ditunggu-tunggu..tapi bila masa dah time **bak kata cikgu kaunseling aku masa kat sekolah dulu**, hati ni takpun hepi...sedey lagi adalah...

mebbe because I am just so contented with JB.. **'tho I stayed in KL most of my life** but I could never really called it home..tak tahu kenapa...the familiarity tu dah hilang dah..personal touch between me and KL has since long gone..

or mebbe sebab Inche' SO takde kot?

dah lah masa nak hantar naik tu aku dgn dia "berperang sakan"..but that's us being happens almost everytime when we're parting, especially when we know that we'll be apart for more than usual.. **tempoh masa paling panjang is 3 days...more than that will be utter hell for us!** nanti mula lah nak naik suara, marah2..bukan apa, we're just sooooooooo accustomed of having each other each and every day of the week, bila takde..mulalah rasa pelik and awkward!

anyway, the journey up to KL was pretty much uneventful **except for the small fight drama** and we got lost for about 20mins koz we didn't know how to get to the place where I'll be staying for the next 10 weeks.. alhamdulillah lah, ada sahabat yang sudi menumpangkan kami anak-beranak sepanjang tempoh..hanya DIA lah mampu membalas jasa baik AYU....

Ahad, Isnin..I tried to spend the final moments with Inche' SO and he's cute when he tries his hardest to entertain the whole lot of us..the boys has yet to miss him but I have cried like forever since I sent him off at Bukit Jalil...macam tak biasa, tapi itulah...hakikatnya I would have not thought that I would miss him like how I did 8 years ago, but I miss him now even more..and until I start my course here, I know that my mind will be occupied of thoughts and memories of him and me together...

oh yes, saya ada di KL dalam tempoh 10 weeks....friends, wanna grab lunch together?