Thursday, June 3, 2010

|| hubungan yang tak kesampaian part.2 ||

seadil2nya saya hanya menulis mengikut rasa hati dan tidak terniat untuk mengusik hati @ perasaan sesiapa sekalipun..

namun bila penulisan saya mengenai isu ini dlm entri yang lepas nampaknya memberi kesan kepada pihak terbabit, saya harus akur dan bersifat lebih adil dlm meneliti isu kalian..

but like what I said to the both of you, this is not mine to judge..

these issues are better discussed within the scope of the family **although bot f you are saying that you guys are waaayyy past that**

I feel for you, man..I understand why you're dissapointed and I also feel for her and embraced the reasons as to why she was dissapointed of you..

let's just put it this way, ok..

accept the facts that mebbe you guys were just pre-destined by HIM to just be friends or acquiantances
** looking at your ways of communicating now** ..and let bygones be bygones..notably the hurt is gonna be there for awhile, and it's gonna hurt you the most when you least expect it..

as for you, bro..I am sorry if I sounded as if I was on her side..

I am, not in any way, on any of your sides...baik dia, atau kau...

like what I said, who am I to judge this..

Inche' S.O. juga sudah kasi warning...enough of this and my last advise to the both of you is that, throw out that emotional luggage and go on with your life as you seem fit..Insha-ALLAH, there's someone out there for the both of you, just not each other...

okaylah, let's put a stp to this matter kay?

aku cuma mampu doakan hanya yang terbaik buat kesemua sahabat2ku...itu sahaja..


Anonymous said...

Thanks babe... I know it sure does means something for me... at least I need to prepare the necessary instances if our friends comes and asking this and that... I'll write up to her after the dust settles, just to make sure we're on the same page - even though both of us have our own reasons for this unforeseen predicament.

Crap... I hate it has to end like this...

Scorpio Girl said...

Anon **walaupun haku tahu siapa diri mu**

he he he...I just hope that you guys can part way in a better environment with no grudge(s) whatsoever...tapi mungkin dah termaktub mcm ni penyudahNYA,who are we to question that, kan?
Mungkin DIA dah reserve kan orang lain for the both of you..just du'a, du'a dan du'a lah lagi kepadaNYA..Insha-ALLAH, DIA tak zalim..DIA akan kasi apa yang umatNYA inginkan...