Sunday, June 6, 2010

|| I see chocolates..everywhere ||

Noted that the exhibition was a bit of a letdown **maybe that, or the fact that I went in the morning of the first day itself....wasn't as happening as I expected?** ...Ingatkan banyak booth, but as usual ada "terselit" 3-4 booths of banks promoting their credit cards and those salesperson literally holding onto my LV bagstraps, begging me to join or at least "try" to sign up as a sign on support! but no, thanks..I have learnt my lesson and I am now a very happy shopper, shopping using my debit cards..:D

Anyway, I was thinking that it would be something flashy and great lah, to expect the least..but surprising it was a small collection of chocolateurs and some other are players in the chocolate bussiness -selling chocolate molds ** ni tempat bentuk coklat okay, bukan mold-kulat**, chocolate printers **yes, they print edible images on these chocolates kay**, chocolte boxes & frames...and my all time favourite..SALDOFF chocolate...ALYONKA!

I wasted no time to rush to the stall upon seeing the Mother Russia flag..gosh, something from my past is here and boy, was I estatic!

Ini ALYONKA chocolate was among the cultures I adapted when I was there in Kursk.. **this, as well as the beer, vodca, cheap Russian cigerettes and tea drinking culture which is a norm "hence the word culture" back there** anyway, they had my favourites ...the dark chocolate,which is slightly bitter upon first bite then gradually sweeten in your mouth..** isnt't that just heavenly, guys?** anyway, the owner there was kinda lookinga t me one kind and approached me, asking me if I want to buy anything? I casually asked "Why is this RM12 here whereas I remembered buying it only for about Rb20- Rb 30 back in Kursk?" . He was surprised to learn that I was studying in his country , while he on the other hand had attended IIUM Gombak in mine...

and from there, we started talking and started comparing notes about the weather and how he missed Malaysia whenever he's back in his homeland and how I, on other hand is missing Kursk to bits!

He exclaimed to the rest of his entourage that I was an ex-KSMU student and started to converse with me in Russian..ha ha ha, thank God for my basic Russian..although the conversations with them were not as fluently as how I would have hoped for, but them it wasa reminder that I was once there and I understand and speak that language!

ALYONKA chocolate is the one on the left, I have always been fascinated with the girl's big blue eyes..:D
The boy's version is ALYONKI - still with the blue eyed concept but with wispy blonde curls..These are products under the KRASNII OKTIABER or Reb October company, a famous chocolate manufacturer back in Moscow and still going strong since 1918..

KRASNII OKTIABER's official logo

Other products from Saldoff's..they have a branch in most probably we'll get to see more Russian chocolates in the market soon **yeay!**

among the printed chocolates available..they use 98% cocoa and by not using vegetable oils, the chocolate can last in room temperature without melting..

this stall was flocked as it was selling novelty and beautiful handcrafter chocolates ** but a bit pricey for my taste**

one of the established chocolateur participating in the ehibition
** not that it wasn't a hit, hence the picture sans people but my timing was pefect as I wanne take a picture of the stall not the people at the stall **

this co sells locally made choclate molds, costing about RM60-75 cmpared to the ones brought in from Germany **RM160-RM 300**

anyway, I bought some chocolates **surprsingly, I bought the chocolates ONLY from that booth and not the others!** and headed home feeling dandy and nice..I could say that the higlight of my visit there was more or less concentrated on ALYONKA, but to me that is sufficient!

Kursk..I miss you! **have u been missing me too?**