Sunday, June 20, 2010

|| Memori di Moscow! ||

I can sing, believe it or not...

and when we had a sport tournament involving Msian students in Moscow, we had to come up with some sort of persembahan..mula lah garu kepala nak buat apa..last2 brainstorming mcm nak gila..we came up with singing this song..was intentionally planned to be sung by Dr Yen but then entah macam mana, suddenly I got into it..and thank God, I can carry a pitch!

It was wonderful and perfect..we had a friend on the violin and another on the piano. voila, we had an acoustic thing going on..and they were loving it!

hence, everytime whenever I listen to this song it kinda make me reminisce of the days back there...

Inche' S.O. ingat saya tak pandai nyanyi, sekali  pergi karaoke, terdiam dengar suara saya yang besh!
**ha ha ha ha, gelak keji...itulah, see the leg lah yang!!**