Monday, November 1, 2010

:: owh pekerja gomen...mana orang tak maki kowang? ::

Let's just say that the hiatus was definitely uncalled for..

Anyway, had some errands to do and issues to settled and on top of that, had to prepare for a small family holiday of te island of Bintan **Which was awesome, by the way...but that's another entry **

So on top my list was to go to the Balai Bomba in Larkin to ask for some clarification as well as to gather some info on my project **once dah settle and dah launch, I shall let everyone know..don't wanna jinx it, you see? **

Nak dijadikan cerita, one fine day- after sending the boys off to their respective centres, off I went to the Bomba lah..It was not THAT quite of a big complex and you might think that these Bomba aka Fire Fighters would know where and which department to direct little ol' me but NO....I was sent in circle...

One obvious issue :civilians parking space! No directions, hence you could see the officers cars and civilians' were all over the place and as they were no specific parking lots designated, you could see these drivers parked wherever they want, and however they want.... ** sad and shame on them!**

Then the issue of directing and re-directing me to the so-called correct department...

Venue I
Me : Selamt Pagi , Encik.Maaf tumpang tanya. Boleh tunjukkan saya ke arah pejabat AAA, nak buat pertanyaaan mengenai isu keselamatan lah...
Officer W : Oh, kalau hal itu, Puan kena pergi bangunan belakang sana. Itu bahagian diorang..

Venue II
Me: Selamat Pagi, Encik. Saya cari pejabat AAA, nak buat pertanyaan mengenai isu keselamatan, boleh?
Officer X : Oh, kalau hal itu bukan di sini Puan. Pintu sebelah..3 dr kiri.

Venue III
Me: **obviously asking the same Q**
Officer Y : Oh, bukan sini Puan. Puan kena pergi kat bangunan A sana **read :Venue 1**. Jabatan tu kat sebelah belakang...

Venue IV
Me : **yes, still asking the same question**
Officer Z: Memang kat sini tapi Puan kena amek nombor , nanti kita panggil.
**me sits about 1 mins without anyone attending to me afterwards **

Officer V :Puan ke tadi yang dtg nak tanya pasal keselamatan. Pat ni Puan kena cek dgn majlis bandaran dulu  then baru dtg kat kita..selagi Puan tak dpt apa dr pihak sana, kami tak dapat nal advise apa2..koz takde surat sokongan etc...
Me : **bengang!!!!**