Sunday, February 13, 2011

Booster seat .praktikal gaks?!!

Was actually browsing through the net for any cheap, reliable booster seat for my second one - HADDYF - Abg Ngah yang berangan sangat dia dah besar sgt...

undoubtedly we have yet to really go all out for dinners, but then I felt that whenever we go out for meals, we were always at the mercy of other parents' with younger children... Ada tu, amek je kerusi makan budak but then tak guna pun..memang selfish kan?as for us, normally we will always bring our stroller/ twin strollers- just in case- if the restaurant/outlet ran out of child seats **which I find very funny- not child-friendly at all!**

anywhuuu...I cam across this one and it's fold-able, easy to manage and handy..price?tak dpt lagi..but I suspect it to be still reasonable..:D