Thursday, April 7, 2011

sarapan kesukaan saya..**tapi harus dicatu pengambilannya**

siapa tak suka telur?

semua mesti suka telur..lebih2 lagi kalau punya anak3 kecil macam saya where at times you'repressed for time to get a million things done at one go, kan?

so normally saya akan siapkan scramble eggs saya buat anak2..

my scrambled eggs are not dry..they're runny and have the consistency between a normal pan-fried egg and a half-boiled egg...**below picture reveals all, I think**

a very simple recipe:

2-3 eggs, a slice of cheese and a dash of fresh milk **you can always add in mushroom, if you like**

if you're using mushroom- obviously you'll need to cook the mushroom first until half-cooked then crack in the eggs and fry them as usual.but before the even start to dry up - put in your milk and cheese- and just mix everything up'll see that no matter how long it's in the pan, it will not dry up - instead, it'll become gooey and sticks onto the pan - that'll be the best sign that your eggs are ready..taaa daaa!!

p/s: kalau nak lebih kick lagi - letakkan sedikit sos ikan..terangkat beb!!!!