Wednesday, November 9, 2011

false alarm?

i have a new resolution....I shall sleep early on weekdays!:)

but yesterday, my sweet slumber was abruptly interfered by the alarm installed in the condo's building.

At first I thought it was only in my dream but as the sound was so vivid, I force myself to wake up and check on it.

The alarm was blazing for a good 20-25 minutes and I literally thought that I would've gone deaf if it wasn't switched off soon. Then it hit me, what IF the alarm was genuine? I looked through the peephole but I saw no movement -not from my next door neighbour, nor from the neighbours from the units opposite our units. (There's only 4 units to a wing and 1 floor has 2 wings). No guards were screaming like a banshee asking us to go down, shouting fire etc.I used the security phone equipped in every condo unit to call up the security guards - but no one picked up the call ***No, it's not faulty. How I know of this? There was a time when the security asked Inche' SO to move our car from a so-called "someone else's" parking lot when it was THE parking lot allocated for our unit - we have yet to register the car at that time- so yeah, the phone was in a good condition***

So I decided to stay put and not waking up the boys from their sleep...

but then I was the one who couldn't sleep a wink ...

I was **surprise surprise** second guessing myself:(

Did I do the right thing?

Was it OK to just let the alarm be?

Shouldn't I just bundled everyone down, just in case?

Am I not being a good mother?

I called up Inche' SO and told him about it and yeah, he was cool about it but he did raised some concerns about the alarm...

hmm :(

tidak boleh tidak, I shall call up the Management office today to inquire about the alarm.

p/s: I feel bad now....Am I really a BAD mother?:(