Monday, November 21, 2011

Menginjak ke Usia 31...


tarikh yang cukup menarik, cukup bermakna..

ye, saya dah tua...:P

My love, first and foremost- goes out to my parents - Dato' Hasny Md Salleh and Datin Salbiah Md Tahir - for without their love and connections, I would have never been born on 20 Nov 1980 0817hrs.. I know that I have not been the perfect & ideal daughter , but I do hope that you know that I love you more than anythg in the whole wide world!

Inche' SO - my pillars of strength..TQ for accepting and still loving me after all these years!

Harryth , Haddyff & Haddy Irfan - I know that it's still a long way before I can be the perfect Mom but pls know that I am trying my outmost best for all of you..:)

du'a utk diri sendiri? Semoga bertambahnya usia dpt mematangkan lagi pemikiran dan pembawaan diri saya sendiri, mahu jadi partner terbaik buat Inche' SO + ibu yang hebat buat hero-hero saya..

tak ramai yang tahu pada 2011 juga sepuluh tahun lalu saya secara rasminya telah berjumpa dgn Inche' SO and who might've thought that we're still going strong after all these years.. For you sayang, TQ for being there for me - through my ups & downs - through hardship and laughter, Insha-Allah, we will be there for each other..My du'a is that may only death do us part..

and for the rest of my family members, friends + acquaintances that have  been generous enough to send me well wishes and birthday du'as via FB and sms/whatapps..TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ ever so much for remembering this day ....Insha-Allah, I will still be around for the next birthday round of wishes..:)

p/s: and to my lovely Kak Nam - TQ for calling me on the eve of my birthday, really sweet of you sayang ...and sorry I was such a cry baby..I just realized that I miss you teribbly!

Ye, saya mok-mok..adik saya sungguh kudut!:P: