Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Maxi Contact Lens..

suka sangat dengan color contact lens yang baru ni..
kaler dia ada 2 jenis - yang subtle looking and another one is those obvious ones..
cuma yang "slek" adalah mata empunya diri..
I am known to have very dry eyes - hence the reason why spectacles are my best options..tapi ada masa nak jugak merasa melaram masa kuwar berjimba-jimba kan?:P
tapi itulah balik rumah confirm akan merah + gatal seharian..
no it's not the lenses, believe me..
pergi mana2 optician  - and mind you, I have been to quite a few - they will all say the same thg, my eyes are a bit tad dry than normal and whichever lenses that they'll recommend will not get a good review from me..It's not the lenses, like I said, it's just me..
but yup, I like these blue ones - very the obvious kan? **abaikan mata yang merah itew!**
the other color that I have are the honey-colored ones..those are more obvious actually..
as my eyes are naturally in the lighter shades of brown, those honey-colored lenses made my eyes look unnatural:P One of my officemate even said that they looked almost "vampire-like"..ha ha ha ha ha..
anyway, these Maxi Contact Lenses are considerably cheaper than the other brands on the market - I got mine at 1mont kiara for RM35/pair.. So, if you guys are feeling a bit on the wild side and wants to look different on those special occasion..why dontcha give it a try?:)