Monday, December 12, 2011

My adult time..:)

once in a while when u are a parent, u need some alone time for adult talk, you know..makeups, handbags etc and not just about Ben10, Transformers, Mr Bean ..he he he he...

so yeah, I had a blast yesterday as I managed to do some girls' day out with UMI YAN..we had lunch, dessert and had tonnes to talk about..some might think that it is so selfish of mothers who do that, but pls don't judge us before you are in our shoes time roung, we'll be having one more friend joining us..Ibu As with her baby..**yeay..happy that this group in growing in numbers**

this once in a while outing keeps you sane..really! don't trust me?:P

anyway, thanks yang for making my day ..and my boys had a blast with the ice-cream treats and not to mentioned the 2 and a half hours of tiredless FUN...:)

p/s: thank Umi for keeping my sanity intact!:P


cik puan olympus said...

thanx to u too mommy zaza :)

cant wait for next date.. yippie...