Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pre-loved items...

***delayed entry

I am thinking of upgrading the boys' beds into a bunk bed with a pullout bed (3-tier) as a)they are bored with their beds b) Haddy-Irfan no longer wants to sleep in his own toddler bed and c) their bedroom has "shrunked" with the addition of Harryth's study table etc..

So yeah-original price was RM 1400/each but am letting go at RM2000 for both beds and bonus of 1 toddler IKEA bed worth SGD70 for are all intact, conditions are all at 90% like new-preferably cash + carry..

tell ur neighbour,your friends and lemme know k?


J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

haihhh aku nakkkkkk ! tapi ko kat kl lah za =( cantik tu vroom vroom beds

Scorpio Girl said...

ha ha's okay, kalau nak lemma know:)

p/s: ni tgh nak jual 2-in-1 playset (swing + slide) jugak ni..cumanya tak sempat nak amek gambar - i have dismantled the thing oledi - nak kena pasang balik, amek gambar dulu:)