Saturday, March 31, 2012

GrowNUp swing + slide set to let go!

1stly to all aunties + friends who were asking about my boys,Alhamdulillah-they are doing dandy and alhamdulillah,they have recovered perfectly after their laser method circumcission..

Back to the topic,finally I managed to assemble the playset and take the actual picture of my set **koz some people wanna see MY set and not the one I took from ToysRus catalogue**

As I mentioned via FB -this was actually bought from ToysRus 2yrs ago and now that Irfan is already 3 yrs old [that's like being 15 to him]-he has lost interest in playing with it.On top of that,as we are currently residing in a small condo nowadays,it takes up space **how I missed my double storey terrace house**..

So yeah,retail price at ToysRus will set u back RM650-u can always call me / PM /leave me a msg here for me to letya know of the intended price [negotiable]-as it's made out of quality plastic-it's just slightly dirty but not note that this is a PRELOVED SET okay..:)



sofa rotan tepi tie yg aku nmapak cantik haha.umh akumpun tecik jerrt

Anonymous said...

Is the slide set still available? Email me at Thanks!