Monday, January 13, 2014

NY celebration in Spore

**postponed entry**

Inche' SO has mentioned to me that he really wanted the boys to experienced watching the NY fireworks upclose - when we were staying in Mont Kiara, I had the best view ever! I remembered sitting on the balcony with a drink in hand and doing my own special quiet countdown and voila! the fireworks did not dissapoint me - I got to watch the fireworks from Mont Kiara/ Solaris area, from KLCC and one more location that I couldn't really put my finger on .. but the view was majestic... yes, it was loud.. yes, it was smokey..but I am just glad that I get to watch all that in the convenience of my home..

this time round, Inche' SO was sooo determined to bring the boys down to Singapore for them to experience the NY firework Spore style..

we were there [Merlion overlooking the Marina Bay Sands Hotel] and we were there since 2100hrs and my God, there were already tonnes of people there.. We were lucky to have a spot on the stairs with thousand others already there and then, the waiting game begins..he he he he...

mind you, my boys [the father included] are not patient people.. Haddyff even fell asleep while waiting for the countdown.. I saw a Starbucks/ Coffee Bean outlet near the underpass so I had my plan laid out for me - in case of emergency, buy coffee..he he he he.. but na'ah, couldn't get to the outlet as CISCO had already put up barrier to not let any more people in [or people out, for that matter] by 2230hrs.. so we had to drink mineral water instead, much to the dismay of the boys..

but as the countdown begins - I felt some sort of excitement in me and was so excited to see this so-called majestic view and I was totally awed!

All in all we had fun and the boys got to see their fireworks up close and they were indeed , happy bunnies al the way back to KL! [oh yeah, we made our way back to KL immediately after the celebration - Alhamdulilah, no traffic and 'twas a smooth drive back home]

walking down the pier, looking for the toilet..he he he he..

you can see Maybank Tower, the Hotels there and of course, the Singapore Flyer

yup, we were seated right smack behind Merlion's buttock!

the lasers from the top of MBS Hotel

They were having a concert near Singapore Flyer

see throngs of people there and it was not even 2200hrs

Haddyff sleeping , Abah is bored and Irfan is just happy to be there.. Harryth? He was doing some stretching down the staircase..

p/s: next in line , we're planning to either celebrate our NY here in Spore in 3 years time on either a) MBS hotel - rent a room during the NY celebration or b) book the whole capsule at Singapore Flyer or c) charter the night boat during the NY celebration...