Sunday, January 12, 2014

Orientasi Darjah 1 si SK SERI HARTAMAS

**postponed entry**

Mr Confident aka Haddyff has officially moved to his new school as a Pri 1 student and with that comes the Orientation Day as to introduce the new school to the new attendees and for the parents to get their textbooks, pay the fees etc..

Inche' SO wasn't around so I had to bring Irfan along  - Harryth ? He was "kidnapped" by Tok Daddy, Tok Mommy and Mak Su for a short getaway in PD..

Alhamdulillah, lesson learnt - Mommy bought all his schoolbooks earlier so that she does not have to queue twice anymore.. average waiting time in line? still 30 mins..

collected his files, fill in all his particulars, paid the fees and collected his textbooks and Mommy got all of it done within 2 hrs **phew**

Haddyff was happily venturing the school with his ever so loyal sidekick Irfan and almost immediately made friends with the other new children.. Irfan? He made the school as his own - he he he he he.. be patience, love - you still have 2 more years in Ilham Montessori before you can go to the same school as your brothers:)