Wednesday, April 28, 2010

:: bertudung DAN pandai menari..cayalah minah!! ::

 kalau2 lah kowang rajin menonton AXN **seperti yours truly, HOUSE, LEVERAGE NCIS, know what I mean**, you will definitely come across advert about the show of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and prior to the show, they had organised an online DANCE OFF and surprisingly, this awek Indonesia won!

one thing though, kalau tgk dia punya competition vid kat sini :ALIFIA, she wore a hooded jacket and started to move..boy, does she move!!

memang tertarik bila tgk dia menari and the best part is that, I think she wants to be known for her talent..**hence the hood** tapi separuh jalan, hood dia jatuh..but taa daa, DIA BERTUDUNG lah!!!

kudos for you, girl..

you proved to people out there that wearing the hijab does not restrict you form doing the very thing that you love...ALL THE BEST, Alifia!

Hope to see more of you in the future..

p/s: kalau tgk kat iklan tu, dia nampak sememeh je..tapi cuba kowang click kat vid dia..gempak seyh, takleh angkat!!!