Monday, April 26, 2010

:: BN menang lagi ::

**this is my personal opinion of the recent by-election in Hulu Selangor. It reflects my own opinion and shall not be quoted and re-printed, re-typed and re-quoted in any manner for whatsoever reason forthwith**

I am a staunch supporter of BN..regardless of whatever peope say about the coalition, I support them..

I admit that they "lost their way" somehow rather, but then hopefully by now, they're back on track!

they played a good and fair game..what surprised me was ZAID IBRAHIM..

I am just so ashamed to have him as my idol before  for I thought he was better than this...

his reaction towards his loss was childish and was uncalled for..

he has started to "dance" to the beat of PKR...slander, name-calling and such...

calling and claiming that SPR was not transparent and that they were some "hidden" hands **as usual, what's new?** in fixing the result..

just because the poll doesn't go your way, SPR is unreliable?

just because PKR lost, people are still so-called into BN's trickery?

Zaid, you could have done something, in due time, when you were in the were part of the Government, remember?

And just because you know the law and THINK that you know everything, doesn't mean that YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT and that people need to follow you and obey?

the world doesn't work that way..

Prophet Muhammed pbuh, had to endured years of torment and torture before the religion was well accepted by all and you, the so-called a repented Moslem are unwilling to do the same?

I have only one thing to say to you...SHAME ON YOU!