Friday, April 30, 2010

:: I wanna watch this , sans censoring..Boley tak? ::

I have actually watched the trailer quite some time ago while on E! channel..nampak macam best..tapi confirm banyak kena censor dgn pihak berwajib sebab language dia..

citer nih macam parody citer2 super hero yang berlambak kat dunia ni  but I guess I am a sucker for such movies...

Bila ek nak main kat Spore ....

Jgn tak tahu I kinda...sorta...cheated while watching SATC:The Movie koz I watched it in Spore..nasiblah Inche S.O was sporting enough to send me and pick me up from the theater..and because they did their rating and had NO censoring **if I was not mistaken**, shows were specifically only for ADULTS..21 AND ABOVE the shows were during midnite and thus Inche' S.O kena amek saya around 1++am...hi hi hi hi..

anyway, should I wait for the mvie to be in DVD or should I just splurge a bit on the tickets for the movie in Spore? **sana SGD7 = MYR16**


**moi likey!!**