Sunday, May 30, 2010

|| back from Senawang ||

yes, alhamdulillah..have managed to arrive at home accident-free, drama-free around 1.30pm just now but as I was too tired to cook had decided to stop-over at BBU to pack some food for lunch-cum-dinner coz I know there's no way that I am gonna have enough strength to cook, clean, do the laundry after travelling like that..

ha ha ha, cakap macam drive jauh je kan?

actually NO, it was just a drive from JB-Senawang-JB within 3-days span..but I am not your ardent driver lah..I like driving, I just don't enjoy driving when it involves:
 a) long distance and
b) lotsa stoooopid drivers on the roads and
c) lotsa cars, lorries and busses being driven a if they are in THAT kinda hurry for something..

but the boys had fun , I guess..

thanks Mommy for having me over at your beautiful house and I know that you've been dying to talk to someone about some issues...and I appreciate for the fact that you've opened up to me..

My sister was a tremendous help with the boys..and she's a great hit, obviously..makcik yang sungguh baik hati, and "konon" nak garang but cannot....ha ha ha..I love it when you try, dik!

Dad, tq for tolerating my boisterous boys..I know you like everything in order and sorry my boys were acting up, just like any other children their age..I hope we didn't ruin your weekend..

anyway, penat tu memang lah penat ..but now, the routine has to start all over again..and to all my friends mana yang kerja tu, mulakanlah minggu anda dengan senyuman..

as for me, I am just gonna enjoy my rest for the day and resume my duties, as usual, tomorrow..