Monday, January 10, 2011

what did i do during the weekends?

hmm, had planned out a few things /chores that needed to be settled by the weekends and Alhamdulillah, so far so good!

a) finish doing the laundry and ironing the clothes
- well, I would be lying if i were to say that ALL the aundry is done and all the clothes are ironed out. Why?
Until nakedness is well accepted within society, there is no chance in hell that I would be done with these session!The biggest contributors --> the boys! satu hari tukar baju sampai 3 pasang sorang, and that comes up to 9 pairs = 18 pieces of clothing. Then there's me & Inche' SOs attire..a day on average we have like 22 piece of clothes to be washed.
- then comes the ironing part...dangnabbit!I hate those...I will tend to get sweaty easily, then there's my back pain and yes, the fact that I need to wait till the boys are asleep to finish it all up. and if you guys are wondering, NO-->that chore is still a work in progress!

b) updating the budgetary ledger
- since business has taken off on the 1st Mon of the year 2011, I have been swamped with paperworks and receipts, invoices etc and unfortunately am unable to keep to track with the pace as the routine has yet to really take hold and thus, I need to clear up this task ASAP...with the help of Inche' SO **who is so great with this** I was able to complete the task under 1 hour **yeay!**

c) inspecting the latest addition to the Centre
- as the Centre has yet to be fully utilized by me and the other staffs, I have managed to squeeze in some simple & minor repair works around the Centre and my intention of at least observing the contractors in action were materialized.It turns out that Inche' SO did not have anything planned during the weekend so he was more than happy to accompany me,as well as keeping an eye out for the boys while I discuss and observe the works done at Centre..

d) watched AJL25
- it has been ages since the last time I watched the show live on national TV..was impressed by the newer local talents but not the MCs...YUNA, ANNA RAFALI, FAIZAL TAHIR and everyone who wrote, compose and perform eir own songs will always be on top of my list..I believe that nowadays you have to have an additional "zing" or and added "spark" that puts you in a whole different level...and I now that if ever one of my boys are interested in becoming a performing artiste, I would tell them to do that themselves hence they would not need to rely on others, and can stand on their own - with their head held high..

- just gotten the news from FB that someone had created a page objecting the decision of giving ANNA RAFALI the win for AJL25, but then hey, this is not a popularity contest dude! I don't see anywhere on the programme that requires the audience to vote for their favorite artiste pun...okay, her performance sucked big time-->notion accepted. it was rather lame for me lah...but then, not everyone can be Faizal Tahir, kan?
but mebbe the juries were right..the song was her personal and sincere expression that can be seen through her singing. But then, kenapa YUNA tak menang ? ha ha ha...I am biased kay, koz I am so loving YUNA's way and talent but that didn't leave me blindsided and thus I accept the fact that, hey this AJL25 might not be her time but, there will always be others in years to come kan?

e) on a more personal note - HARRYTH @ Aisy now knows how to do his addition & subtraction with no guide **horreeeeeyyy!!**
- teaching Aisy to do Maths was actually quite a breeze as I love Maths myself, and I guess it runs in the family...and he's such an avid listener and loves to learn new way to do hi Maths..the ugly part of it, he finishes his Maths workbook within a week and thus I am scouring online for more and more free downloadable worksheets to satisfy his hunger for Maths exercise!

f) Mr. Kudut @ Haddyff had a minor accident aftr the fight with the front door!
- yup, you read it right....he had a slight "tussle" with the front grilled door and banged his forehead on the corner of the grill.

Cried like hell - check!
Wanted to be checked by his father - check!
Wanted to be carried into the car by Mommy - check!
Was back to his own self within 7 mintues- check!

g) Mr. "I-am-the-youngest-Love-me" @ Haddy Irfan's sudden frequent tantrum!
- Ini encik kalau sudah marah,burok!dah mula pandai nak berbut mainan and not in the modd of sharing most of time..yang jadi mangsa utama ---> Abg Haddyff...**hmmm**

- His grasp of the English Language is superb **yeah, he's my son what?** and nowadays he starts to mimic everyone else's facial expression and he has this habit of repeating everything that his brothers are saying...recent update of  words picked up:

boys , bottles, dog **sound: woo-woo** , lion **sound: aarrrggghhhhh**, snake ** sound:sssssss**, numbers: one, two, ttwwwwwwwweeeeee, abang harryth **yes, I am so proud** , abang hidi **ha ha ha, this irks Haddyff a lot!**, fis (fish), tv, bird, car, ben10, alien, ti-ken **chicken**, Mimi **yes, he calls me that - another way of saying Mommy**

anyway, that was it for the weekends...dunno what is in store for me this comingweek but I am hoping for only dandelions, roses and everything nice to come my way...toddles!